Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Dry Skin Brush

Nearly every morning I stretch before I even get my feet on the floor.  I get the circulation going in my lower extremities because these legs are the hardest thing to get going in the morning.  I've also learned that with arthritis, poor circulation can exacerbate the whole situation.  So mama stretches!

I'll eventually get around to showing you guys how I do my morning stretches and post the video on here. But for today's enjoyment let's talk about dry skin brushing.  What is it and why should we all be doing it? Dry skin brushing is the act of using a brush to gently stimulate the skin by brushing all over and reaping the benefits that it causes.

These benefits are why we should all be doing it:
1.  Stimulates the lymphatic system...which should be drained regularly to prevent waste and toxin build-up and Dr.'s have linked lymphatic congestion to inflammation and disease.  PsA anyone?  Heyo!
2.  Exfoliates the skin and helps eliminate dead skin cells.  My skin feels like velvet after doing this.
3.  Increases circulation.
4.  Reduces cellulite.  I have gotten cellulite bad this year due to the weight gain I've experienced on my Prednisone.  I must report that this dry skin brushing has helped to lessen the appearance of "the chunk" in my thighs.
5.  Relieves stress.  If you are like me and get that one or two knots right at the neck and shoulder line then this is for you!  I carry my stress in my shoulders and it results in the tightest muscles.  Since I've started dry skin brushing the knots have melted away and I rarely get them.
6.  Improve digestion and kidney function.
7.  Invigorates your whole system!  And it gives you a certain glow.
- source: Dr. Mercola

So you wanna see how I do it?  This video is my go-to lately and I really like it.  It only took me about 3 days to memorize the steps.  It's a great one if you have time to do in the morning.

If you are pressed for time then I've done this one as well.  This was the first video I ever started using.  I still like it and use it on mornings where I'm all like "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" and crushed for time.

So go out and try it today and let me know what you think.  Have you tried it before and have any other tips for the rest of us?  I'm learning something new every day.  Share and share alike!

My best,
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