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Should Dr.'s Turn Away Unvaccinated Kids?

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Okay so yesterdays post was about how our family dealt with vaccinating our kids as babies. Todays post is about a shift in the wind.

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There is a a growing number of Dr.'s (not many, only 2 that I heard of as we speak) that are now deciding to refuse treatment of children that have not been vaccinated. There are actually many more parents than you would think that are opting out of vaccinations at an early age. Since this is becoming a "thing" there are Docs that are saying that it an unsafe practice and it puts others in harms way.

I completely agree. (Look at me getting all up in the mix, talking controversy, and generally giving my opinion on some huge debatable issue - which I usually never do! A shift in the winds indeed...) I agree with the fact that it can put other children in harms way due to the fact that when you go to the Dr.'s office what happens? Usually you have a kid there for a physical to get cleared for the sports team sitting next to a green snotted, bleary eyed, hacking into his elbow (hopefully) wee one with the West Nile Virus. Now if the big kid isn't up on his shots and his immune system is low or compromised for any reason the risk of him catching whatever that other kid has is pretty high and likely gonna happen.

We don't know each medical case in our Pediatrics office. There could be kids just coming off chemo sitting next to our kid with a cold and that kid could get the same cold but a drastically different reaction. For them, it could turn fatal very easily. I have a friend who has a child with special needs and the immune system on this kid is like nil. We were invited to her house for dinner, but I called her and said we all had slight coughs and that we wouldn't mind sitting this one out just to ensure that her baby doesn't end up in the hospital close to death - no joke.

It's just a consideration thing. A human thing. But I'm just a mom and not a well trained physician. Now here is where I tell you how I really feel about these Doctors who refuse to treat children whose parents chose not to vaccinate them. Doors anyone? I go to a wonderful pediatricians office that is in a large building where they have one door that leads to 2 doors on either side of you when you are standing in the lobby. The left side is for "Well Babies" and the other is for "Sick Babies". Simple fix no? Well I know what you are thinking, "Lynn you still have the vaccinated kids with the unvaccinated kids over on the sick side." Well touche' and point well taken. I think that they can subdivide a waiting room even more by adding - wait for it - one more door! Did you see me take my ta-da moment just now?

Of course things like these are easier said than done but considering that some doctors make 10's of 1,000's of dollars each week, I'm sure that have a 3 sectioned office would and could work for the best interests of all involved.

I'm just sayin'...then ALL kids that have a right to medical attention no matter what their parents have decided for them can be seen by all the good Docs of the world. And then you don't lose any patients and you still make your money honey.

Well? What do you y'alls think? Should Dr.'s be putting this into practice in their practice?

Oh and we can't finish this discussion without hearing Dr. Nancy Snyderman chime in and get her opinion on. She makes valid points at times. Why don't you tell us how you really feel Doc?

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