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My Second Natural Birth Story

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It's funny how much you forget about birthing your babies after years have gone by and it's not the main thing on your mind day in and day out. Actually it's kinda sad, because I wish I remembered more specifics than probably what I will put down here.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I had my first one break the news to Daddy.

"Daddy guess what? I'm going to be a big brother!"

I hid behind him while holding him in my arms but moved just in time to get my husbands full on reaction of smiling, then watching it sink in, then shock in the eyes, then smiling again and pretending to faint. Or maybe he really was going to faint but I just kept laughing assuming he was joking. Haha!

The pregnancy went by pretty quickly. I chalk that up to having a toddler that was walking and getting into everything plus the fact that we were moving out of state just 3 weeks after she was due kept me busy 24/7 and she was such a good calm baby in there that I didn't have to do much to keep her happy and snug as a bug while in my belly.

Again with this baby I craved all the really good for you foods. I kept Wendys, McDonalds, and Panera Bread in business by buying up all of their soups and salads almost on a daily basis. Also my mother-in-law makes a mean dish of potato salad that has cherry tomatoes in it and relish and oh makes me wish I was pregnant again, and that she actually lived in the same state as me so I can put in a lunch request.

There was one scary thing that happened while I was still pregnant is that in our apartment there was a carbon monoxide leak below us in the basement and we didn't know it. Didn't have that kind of detector in the house at the time. But for a few nights we were coming home and literally just passing out in our beds and at an unusually early hour. So after the 2nd night of that, I came home from shopping one day and noticed black streaks on our walls above the floor heating vents. It was in every room and it was so gross. So I had no idea what it was and I cleaned it off but the next day it came back. So we went to the management office and told them to come check it out and the super (who was super) found the leak and told us. That night we nearly died. The office tried to give us a new apartment to stay in for the night (unfurnished and an air mattress on the floor - while 8 months pregnant - really?!) but we declined and made a bee line to my husbands grandmas house. When we got there the whole family had come over too and saw me and was like "You don't look good at all. Let's get you to the hospital."

We got there and they gave us all a full checkup and our oxygen levels were pretty low but the PA said just getting exposure for us to the fresh air would reverse the effects. But our baby boy had to get oxygen therapy for a little while. Dumb apartment!

In the end we all checked out alright and home we went. Since having my daughter though, anything weird that she does like pretending to be a cat for a little too long I think back to the days of carbon monoxide poisoning and if it really did effect her or not.

So it was a pretty good pregnancy. I ate right, exercised on the daily, slept good, took my prenatal vitamins and drank TONS of water. I was ready to have this kid at any moment. I will say that I was more impatient this time around to deliver her, why I don't know. Oh yes, I remember now. Since having my son I figured I knew what to expect and we were just so excited to meet her and move on with our new family of 4. Ants in the pants was an expression made for mothers in their last trimester. It gets pretty jittery at times.

One huge difference this time around was that I made sure that my family was in town for the whole month before I went into labor. So my dad, mom, and brother were present for this big show. I went into labor at 2 in the morning and the flurry of activity was crazy. My big brother drove my parents to the hospital and I hopped in the car with Michael and Baby Boy. We made it there in about 5 minutes when the hospital is 10 minutes away. (Again with running the red lights!)

Once I went into labor we called our friends and family and most of them were half dressed waiting anyway because I was due at any moment and a couple of them ended up at the hospital before we did. Gotta love a familiar face in the lobby cheering you on to "Push em out, shove em out, waaaaaaaay out!"

I am sorry and please don't hate me but I am not one of those women that has long marathon births. I went in at 2am and with the second child the freak out level is like non-existent almost. At least for me. I was cool, calm, and collected. I had my friend Elise as my doula, my mom and Michael were in the room and I was just hanging out. I breathed through my contractions like a champ and was dead set on no anything this go around, not even a Tylenol. We had decided that if we ever ended up with a boy and a girl then we would be satisfied with that and not have anymore because God only made 2 kinds right?

When I go into transition with my labors I am one of those maniac shakers. Like tie her to the bed otherwise she will shake her way right onto the floor kind of shakers. My mom had missed my first labor and delivery of my son by 15 minutes (you can read his birth story here) so she didn't see all the shaking going on that time and since her last baby was 20 years prior I'm pretty sure she forgot about the part of labor where you shake too. Because she was freaking out. I mean like starting to kinda yell at my midwife to DO SOMETHING BECAUSE THIS ISN'T NORMAL!!! So why was I on my delivery bed trying to calm my own mother down when she was there for moral support for me? LOL. I laugh at the irony of it all. Now. But back then, on that day, in that moment, I had to tell my mom to go take a walk. I love her to death but she was starting to stress me out big time and that's the last thing a woman in labor needs.

She eventually shook it off and came back but in the meantime I was able to do my own thing. I was a pretty silent laborer. I really internalize my pain. I brought a music mix but in the end realized that I just wanted a quiet dark room to rock back and forth to the rhythm of my body.

As I was getting more and more dilated (which happened quickly) they called my mother back in the room and we got ready for me to push. I was ready. My head was clear and I was focused on bringing my daughter into the world without drugs in her or my system. I said a prayer to God for it all to work out and then I pushed really hard 3 times and out she came. Blamo! A human! Cue the Rocky music and now I drop the mic and exit stage left.

So from the time of my water breaking to delivery moment she was born in 4 hours total. Not bad for a days work. I ended up with the cutest little bean to ever live my mothering life with. And now between these two there is never a dull day for me...

yes that is my lipstick and he just got done saying "Please don't punish her, she didn't mean it."

These experiences have taught me alot about what my body is capable of doing and how strong women can be and that if child birthing were left up to the men there probably would have never been a human race. It would probably have ended with just some dude living an abstinent life in the woods somewhere until the day he died. "You want me to push what out of where?"

So how about you other mothers out there? Or fathers? What were your birthing experiences like? Did you go natural or have an epidural? Post a link to your story in your comment so we can turn this into a nice share for all.

My best,

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Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I'm bawling over here and it's not the pregnancy hormones. I love reading birth stories and this one was so sweet with a happy ending! I don't think I've seen pictures of your cutie pies before...they are adorable!

Merry Christmas Lady!

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