Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My First Natural Birth Story - Part 2

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We left off yesterday with me locked in the bathroom. After realizing exactly what I was on the verge of doing and seeing that it was going to be something alot more drastic than just going to the salon to get my bangs cut I just started to freak. I refused to come out even with my husband trying to reason me out from the other side. I was crying and shaking and declaring that I will be the first woman who decides that she won't go through with the labor whether her body was with her or not.

"Michael this won't work out. There is no way my body can do this. Do you know how big this boy is? (He was only 6lbs.) And he has to come out of where???? Impossible!"
"Babe. You can do this. We have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever and we are going to be great parents. Plus remember how cute he was in the sonogram? (He was.) Let's meet him already. Come out."
"N...oooooo...oooookaaayyyy.....ouch this hurts (contraction kicks in) get me to the hospital and call my mooooom!!!!"

And with a quick click I opened the door before collapsing on the floor, he picked me up and got me to the car, ran back for our bags, and started making all the calls from our Family and Friends List. I was crying so much not so much during the contractions but because my mom was out of town on business and since I had a false alarm in preterm labor in January she held off leaving but since I didn't have him then, she left and thought she would be back sooner than later. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I was helpless without her. Even though we had taken all the classes known to man to "prepare" us for the labor experience (lamaze, bradley birthing method) I felt that having my mom in the room was going to be my calming mechanism. My mom is always so calm in general and I was missing that stabilizing factor.

We checked into the hospital at around 2a.m. so my husband was able to accomplish his much wished driving like he's having his first baby and just has to run all the red lights in town maniac style. Which was only one thankfully. And no one else was on the roads anyway. So when we got to the hospital they set me up in my room and then about an hour later my Dr. came in. The wonderful Dr. Harvey Zara. Funny story, he is the same Dr. that delivered me a whopping 23 years earlier! Way for his and my life to come full circle huh? That fact always makes me tear up every time. Yep. It's happening again now too. I need a moment...

The night before around 11:00 after eating my last inducing labor meal I called my Doc and he said that the baby is probably coming so after hanging up with him I immediately called my mom who was in FL and said "Mom get to the airport and camp out because I am having this baby today or tomorrow. Oh hi, how are you doing? Good..." After I was in the hospital, Michael had her on the horn giving her updates and giving me updates the whole time. "She's at the airport. They got her a flight. She landed at JFK. Your brother is speeding up the Palisades now."

So. Mom's on her way. I'm in stirrups trying to focus on my husbands eyes through the excruciating contractions. From the beginning we had made a birth plan and wanted to stick pretty closely to it, but at the same time were flexible in the event the birth took a turn for anything crazy. I was adamant that I wanted no epidurals and wanted to deliver naturally. I am pretty in tune with my body and I wanted to experience every aspect of the labor. I told my nurse not to give me anything even if I was begging to the highest heavens. And Michael added "unless she really needs it." Which I then shot him a look like "Way to be a turncoat when the going gets tough man."

Okay so time has progressed now. From 2am onward I was doing exercise ball sitting, toilet sitting, getting back massages, using pictures to inspire me to go on, eyeball gazing with Michael, music therapy in between all my monster contractions. Finally around 5am I just couldn't take it anymore and asked for a Tylenol. The nurse came in with what she described as "a very strong Tylenol" which to this day I can't remember the name of it so I'll just call it "The Goodness". Because that stuff after it went into my IV felt like ice and then my body just relaxed and it was all good. And I was able to sleep finally. I really should research what it's called that she gave me. Hmm...

So in between contractions I was able to sleep for about an hour but then once 7 o'clock hit my eyes popped open and I was feeling EVERYTHING. And I wasn't happy. I felt every muscle contracting and every movement in my belly and pelvis and it was terrible. And then I broke down and lost all control. Prepare yourself because an uncharacteristic Lynn is about to rear her ugly labor fueled head. And anything capitalized I assure you was yelled to the highest heavens.

"Oooooowwwwwww!!!! Why can I feel that??? Did the medicine ware off?"
Nurse: "Yes dear. You are 100% dilated and you need to be prepared to push soon."
"Noooo. I want an epidural. Give me an epidural now, it's too painful and I can't take this anymore. "
Nurse: "You told me you would say this and to tell you no because you wanted to go natural remember?"
"Of course I remember but that was before all this pain set in. I can't take it. Please give me an epidural?"
Nurse: "I'm sorry but it's too late to administer it now anyway. You are too close to delivery."

Yep. I did aaalll that in front of my whole medical team which by then had swelled to about 3 nurses, the Doc, and an intern. And my mother-in-law. Classy look yeah? Michael had to calm me down and tell me how great I was doing without it and to squeeze his hand whenever the pain was unbearable. (I think that will be a lifelong injury he will have to deal with. But bless his heart nonetheless.)

So I had to get ready to turn all my rage and attention towards pushing. By then I was absolutely spent so all I could muster was enough gut strength to push and then I would literally pass out. And later that night Michael told me that every single time I would wake up and see my Dr. I would say "Heeeeey do you know you're the same Dr. that delivered me?" and then pass out and making the nurses laugh and by the 4th time I had to push the Dr. would say it with me. "Did I know that I'm the same Dr. that delivered you?" Hahaha lets all laugh at the clearly delirious pregnant lady! Nah I wasn't upset, that is still pretty funny.

I pushed for only 15 minutes and out came my little boy into this world. I was in active labor for only 5 hours and once he came out I passed out - again. From sheer exhaustion. And it turns out that there is a chemical that kicks in after labor that can cause an amnesia to the harrowing experience you just went through. Thank God for that.

In the end, my mom ran into the room 15 minutes after he was born at 7:30. C'est la vie...such is life sometimes. I know that if she could have moved mountains to get there sooner she would have. I still love her. :o) That warrants a smiley emoticon if I do say so myself.

And we lived happily every after with this little baby boy, who is now a young lad, and will hopefully grow to be a wonderful man someday. I hope that he will read his birth story one day and realize that all that pain I went through in the end for him I would never change it for anything in this world.

I love you my boy! Now be good and don't forget to floss.
1st day of Kindergarten
My best,
aka Mom

p.s. Tomorrow I will tell you about my little girls birth.

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