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My First Natural Birth Story - Part 1

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Lately I have had nothing but babies on the brain it seems like. No I'm not pregnant, but my maternal desires for a little wee one to cuddle in my arms is really strong as of late and I think it's because I am seeing a couple of my friends new babies and I hold them and I smell their little Johnson & Johnson lavender scented heads and little arms and little legs and smiles and it just makes my heart melt.

And it makes me nostalgic for when my babies were little ones and I realized that I have never shared my birth stories with you. So this week I will. Both of my kids were natural childbirths. Today I will tell you about my little Boy and how he came to be. Well not exactly how he came to be, but how he came into the world, how about that?

I had a pretty easy pregnancy. The only hiccup was in the first few weeks after finding out I was prego I started having severe stomach cramps. Like lower abdominal pain in a major way. So one night I was just starting to get into my sleep REM cycle when suddenly my stomach did a triple flip and just started to seize up basically. I woke up in severe pain and my husband said that I should just call the nurse on call to be safe. So I did and she called me back in a minute.

"What symptoms are you having?"
"Severe cramping in my lower abdomen."
"How much water did you drink today?"
"About 3 big glasses."
"There's the problem. You need to drink almost 2 liters of water a day which is about 10 8oz. cups. Since you haven't been doing that, you're body doesn't have enough in it to nourish you and the baby and it sounds like you are on the verge of a miscarriage." I had to get on that water train. And I had to stay educated and up to date with my info. That night I drank about 3 more glasses of water before hopping back into bed and from then on out we bought an actual Tupperware jug that was approximately 2 liters and that was my best friend for the rest of my pregnancy.

I am always my healthiest when I am "with child" so the entire time I ate tons of salads and water and fruits and vegetables. I was like Brad Pitt in Oceans Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen and was eating in nearly every scene. I would be eating something every hour on the hour pretty much. But because I did that 99% of the time I'm keeping it real and I'm telling you that the 1% pig out session I would have would get a little out of control. Haha! My cravings ranged from the coconut shrimp appetizer from Red Lobster to the nachos and cheese from Taco Bell and chinese food. But the chinese food HAD to, had to, had to come from the Food Court in the mall and no place else. And I had to eat it with chopsticks. Forks? Nope. Chops? Yes. I am a weird visual creature and at times a pretty particular and difficult prego ego. My poor hubs. He tried...I remember one time I drove all the way into New Paltz, NY which was about 45 minutes from my house just to order some thai take-out from my favorite thai restaurant Lemongrass -you must eat there if you ever get the chance - and since I couldn't smell the food before I ate it because the smell would make me sick, I drove the 45 minutes home with a clothespin on my nose and wouldn't you know it? I got home and wasn't in the mood for it anymore. I should have just pulled over and stuffed my face yeah? Hindsight is 20-20 I guess.

I was eating healthy and exercising and walking daily and feeling fine and growing a human and then I was coming to the realization that it would all come to an end one day and I would actually have....a baby. And it was starting to freak me out a bit. You'll see exactly how much eventually.

So one day I was at 35 weeks and just done. You know what I mean? It was February and snowing outside but inside I was just done. Done being a heater. Don't incubating this egg. Done with the swelling of everything. And ready to roll. Earlier in the week I had my OB visit and the lovely Doctor informed me that "if you had the baby this week he is healthy enough and done growing to the point that we don't see anything wrong happening if you did have him by the end of this week." What a wonderful sentence to hear. It was like music to my ears. And it meant game on.

One night Michael and I looked at each other and said "It's been nice knowin' ya. Now it's time for life to change and have this baby." I had been reading all week portions of my pregnancy books that spoke of how to induce labor naturally and I remember that they had said spicy foods usually get things going. Lightbulb! We made a master list of the spiciest most caffeine heavy meal I could think of and I basically treated it like it was my last meal on Death Row. Because I was planning on breastfeeding after he was born and I knew I wasn't going to be eating like that for months again. Since I was on bed rest (which reminds me of something else that was harrowing during the pregnancy - I'll get to it I promise) I had to stay home with my feet up and Michael said he would deliver the goods to me. Here was the breakdown:
  • Whatever was the spiciest burrito on the menu at the time from Taco Bell + all the FIRE hot sauce I could handle.
  • Order of nachos and cheese with HOT sauce of course.
  • Cinnamon Twists.
  • The most caffeinated Coca Cola on the market at the time (which was Coca Cola Black Cherry Vanilla) and finally a...
  • Toasted blueberry muffin with butter on the side from Johnny D's Diner up the street.
Now this night was definitely a 1% meal. And it was a purposeful meal as well. We sat down and watched the movie "Ray" and ate like a King and Queen and had a great quiet meal for the last time in our lives for at least the next 15 years until the kids move out. By the end of the movie I was feeling that the meal was working it wonders. I didn't have a soda for mostly all of the pregnancy, so the super Coke that I drank (2 cans) and the mega spicy burrito were things so foreign to the baby that he was dancing on my bladder like it was an N*Sync video. I started feeling flutters in my belly that weren't familiar at all. I remember what my mom told me when I used to lament to her "When will I know that I'm in labor?" and she would say "Oh trust me, you'll know. A woman always knows."

I called my Doctor and said "I think I'm in labor because I feel like the boy is grooving to some Kenny G in there." (Why do I open my mouth sometimes? I really did reference Kenny G to him.) And he said "Okay well it sounds like he might be gearing up to come out so why don't you just start paying attention to the timing of the movements and when they are coming and going in a pattern then call me back." Hung up. Started timing.

All of our books warned us to get some rest before heading to the hospital because it could be awhile. So we made sure our bags were packed and went off to bed. Then at 2a.m. I heard a little sound like *pfffff* and I had no idea what it was so I sat up in bed and was like "Honey did you hear that?" "Mmmffff...." is all that I got out of him so I knew he was in the deep of sleep.
I sat up to see if I could hear where that noise came from and once I did that I realized that the noise was indeed me, and it was my baby bag (I seriously can't think of the name) that had popped and suddenly my back just started hurting tremendously and a HUGE contraction was happening. I immediately started crying and shook the man awake and was like "It's HAPPENING!!!!!! WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!!"

He helped me out of bed and since I knew that I could go into labor any day I always slept on a thick towel which I thank God I did that because it was necessary in a major way. I waddled myself into the bathroom because they recommend that you "go" before you leave for the hospital. So as I was sitting there I started to FREEEEEEAK OOOOOUUUUUUTTTT!!!

And I locked myself in the bathroom vowing to never come out because suddenly I was chicken.

Aaaand scene...

Now this is the end of Part 1 of my birth story for my Baby Boy. Come back tomorrow for the next installment. Do I ever come out of the bathroom? Do I deliver in the bathtub? What happens????

My best,
Song of the Week: Pentatonix "Love Lockdown" from the Sing Off. My favoritest group ever.

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