Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bon ami Mon Ami

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Did You Know...
...that every time you flush your toilet it shoots an invisible 6 ft. high mist of bacteria up into the air that then lands on all exposed surfaces surrounding it? - The Nasty World of Bathroom Facts article

Blech...gross right? A few months ago I heard this fact and that is the day we started storing all our toothbrushes out in the hall closet across from the bathroom. Now the only thing on our vanity sink is the soap pump dispenser.

Since we have protected the most precious things that have direct contact with our mouths didn't mean we were off the hook in the bacteria department totally. I still needed to make sure that the rest of the bathroom was safe enough to enter and leave without contracting Typhoid Fever or anything like that. And since I am swapping out chemically laced previously used products in the house I started looking for a healthier bathroom cleaner alternative. And I found it in a jiffy believe it or not.

I love this stuff guys! The name Bon ami means "Good Friend" (french origin, addressing a male, if addressing a female it would say "mon amie", knowledge...far out!) This cleanser has been around since our great grandmothers grandmother has been cleaning her bathroom. The label says "Since 1886" so How I have never seen this before blows my mind. I was in our Publix Grocery store and was perusing their natural household cleaning section and stumbled upon this gem.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty of this not-so-nitty-gritty. It's hypoallergenic and biodegradable. The label also states it is made with natural mineral ingredients that clean your home without dye, perfume or chlorine. It's made with 5 simple ingredients. Limestone and feldspar (which are the 2 mild minerals that give it a softer abrasive), biodegradable cleaning agents such as vegan plant-based coconut and corn oils, soda ash (another mineral), and of course baking soda.

It comes with 3 simple instructions: sprinkle, scrub, and rinse. It can be used in the bathroom to bring it back to it's natural sparkle or you can use it in the kitchen for cleaning pots and pans or the kitchen sink. Might I recommend 1 for each room so there is little to no carryover germ hopping going on?

The only thing they suggest not doing is using it on windows, glass, or mirrors and don't forget to do the inconspicuous space test first. Before using it on polished or glossy surfaces check it out to in a space no one else will see to make sure you don't ruin your precious porcelain doll collection.

Full disclosure: I wasn't sent this or perked it or anything but I bought it with cold hard cheddah and wanted to let you all in on this secret. All you women out there that have known about this for years however, the eye rolling may now commence. And how come you didn't tell me already?

My best,
*Side note: I know I said I would give you my 2nd natural child birth baby story today, but mamas tired. It's going to be a long post so I figured I would break it up with this itty bitty one today. It's coming though, it's coming...

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NatureGirl said...

Ok, so Yes, I must admit that I have been a big Bon A fan for a long time, but guess what!? I can't find it anywhere anymore...what is up with that. Even the big WM does not carry it! What is a NatureGirl to do?!

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