Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who Loves Ya Baby?

New here? Start here...

That is what I picture in my mind this man saying as he handed me my newest house "gift".

Who doesn't love a little Telly Savalas every once in awhile? I know I do. And you'll see why in a second why I imagine this guy ^ being my Kojak for a moment.

So remember a few days ago I was doing the happy dance because I finally finished my dish soap? Well my Dude went out to the store for a late night water run and came home with a new dish soap for me. Yay!!!! And not just any soap but the soap I have been looking for these last few days.

Introducing...our upgrade.

So now I have my new soap and I will be taking it for a test drive today because there is never a shortage of dishes in this here house of mine. I will definitely be getting back to you with a review sometime this week letting you know how it goes with what I'm hoping will be my new best friend.

Before I go, here is another shot of the bubbly but in her true superhero glory...

Sheesh I hope this works out because I am putting alot of pressure on it to be great. Have any of you tried the Lemon scented version of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day? Should I believe all my hype?

My best,

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