Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The New Kid On The Block

New here? Start here...

And I'm not talking about Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan and Mark (oh yeah, he was in the band for a minute, yes he was) of the modern day NKOTB.

I'm talking about my new best hardcover friend.

The Practical Encyclopedia of Natural Healing
New, Revised Edition
by Mark Bricklin - former Executive Editor of PREVENTION ® Magazine

I thank you MollyMae for giving this 574 page gift to me. It is worth it's weight in gold. And since you see how many people are hawking gold these days and making a real mint off it, you see how much I really value this book. It's virtually priceless.

Don't get me wrong, I have other natural health books that I absolutely love still, but this is just me in my new book honeymoon phase. You know that stage when you can't stop smelling it because it still has that new book from the library smell? Ahhhh j'adore.

The books Contents are in alphabetical order so you don't have to waste your time guessing where on earth would heel spurs be sectioned under. It takes you all the way from Acne to Yoga Therapy. Not quite up to Z illnesses (sorry Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome) but it was printed in 1983 which I'm guessing means there were less illnesses back then? And since it's from my era I feel as close to it as a sibling. We basically grew up together. Me being the older sister by 1 year.

Just by randomly flipping through it, here are some tidbits of info. that will translate into future posts I'm sure:
  • Pg. 33, the artificial food coloring agent tartrazine, or Yellow No. 5, has also been reported to trigger asthma attacks in susceptible youngsters.
  • Pg. 197, recent (1983) research is showing clearly that cigarette smoking can damage your hearing, possibly because it encourages the formation of generalized atherosclerosis. This narrowing of the arteries in turn reduces the supply of blood to the cochlea.

I know you're in love too. So now that we are all introduced. Book, people. People, book - let's all just take it from here shall we?

Tomorrow I will actually be starting at the first topic in the book - Acne. Enter screams and the mwaaaahaahaaa-ing now. Yep, I've got the Acs. And something must be done. And my new best friend has all the answers. Until tomorrow y'all.

My best,

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alldaynatural said...

Thank you!! I will put this on my list to add to the collection. Seems like a must-have for reference purposes.

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