Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Nail of a Time

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So remember way back a few weeks ago when I nearly died because of splitting my nail almost in half? If not, here is the gory post to catch you up to speed. (It's not really that gory, probably more whiny than anything.)

I know right? How did I deal? The pain was beyond bearable and of course it would catch on everything in sight. And of course my kids banged into it every chance they got. Why wouldn't they? I really think that kids have this sixth sense that lets them know where mamas pains are just so they can exploit them and try to get in there and finish the job off.

I haven't really had the time to sit down and address this situation like I should have. There has been alot of grimacing and bearing it in the meantime. But contrary to what Alicia Keys has told me, I am no Superwoman, so this here nail had to get fixed. And here is how I did just that.

Step 1: Washed nail thoroughly in warm, soapy water to get rid of any debris that might have gotten lodged under the nail.

Step 2: Applied the nail glue (nailene ULTRA Quick Nail Glue) to the affected broken area. Fair warning: be careful because this is essentially the same as Crazy Glue and it bonds quickly - to WHATEVER it comes in contact with.

Hence....another ouch.

yeah...see that little indent? That's where my skin should be. Do yourself a favor and don't try to be a hero and peel off any excess glue. Just give it a few washes over the course of a few days and it should come off.

Step 3: After the glue dried, I used my emery board to file the glue down to the nail to make a nice and smooth surface and to prep the area for the nail polish.

Step 4: Since I knew that I had to cut the broken nail down to a more manageable length, that meant that the rest of the gals had to get a hacking as well. Oh how I will miss thee...

Step 5: Now. All cut. Same length. Bring on that clear topcoat shine.

Step 6: Voila! A seamless nail job where you can barely notice that anything was ever wrong with it in the first place, right? Eh? Eh? Not too shabby?

Now I can move on with life. I didn't realize how much I was coddling this here nail until I started typing this post. I find myself still favoring my finger - but for no good reason anymore. I guess I have avoided using the computer pretty much since this happened. It hurt something fierce to type and put any pressure on it. But now I have my finger back, and I can now resume my nerdy online ways again. Tippity tappity, yippity yappity...

Now I know that this had no kind of natural or organic solution to my problem, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Hopefully, this tutorial on how to fix a broken nail will help one of you, my lovely readers, if ever you are in need of this here knowledge.

Have you ever had a use for this? Ever broken your nail - hand or foot - hard, like mine? Also, I am currently looking for a natural nail polish. Anyone found a good one out there? Anyone sell all natural nail polish? I would love to feature you. Drop me a line.

My best,
Song of the Week: After getting this done and out of the way, I feel like I have a new lease on life. And I feel like it is now appropriate for Alicia to lead the way in the charge for all us - wait for it - Superwomen. Ahhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhh! Hands up in the air! Alicia Keys "Superwoman" must now be danced to.

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