Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finito and Sayonara!

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Remember this little looker?

Well it's finally done and empty! Say it with me - ADIOS! I don't think that I can express it in any other language about how happy I am that this soap is finally finished. Why am I so down on it? Read my thoughts on the matter right here in an old post of mine.

But no matter, I am on an upward swing I feel like. This afternoon I am off to find a new bottle (preferably of the lemon scented variety) of the good stuff. Originally I bought it for $3 buckaroos at WalMart on clearance but little did I know that it was priced to sell because THEY WERE GETTING RID OF THE PRODUCT LINE ALTOGETHER! Now I'm kicking myself for not swiping the whole shelf of products into my cart and darting for the register.

So off I go to get my stuff. Hold down the fort while I'm gone, will ya?

My best,
*Photo from Mrs. Meyers website

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