Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Around the World In...1 Day...Kinda

This is an oldie but goodie post from back in October to enjoy. See you tomorrow!

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Did You Know...
...that women in France, before doing their own manicures, first soak their fingers in warm water with lemon juice? It erases the yellow tinge that red polish can leave behind. - November 2009 Edition

I love traveling don't you? Especially before I got married and had kids I did it alot more. Whether it was a 5 hour road trip out of town or hopping on a plane for a 13 hour trip to some exotic land - I was bout it, bout it.

Now that I am on here trying to keep us all up to date and in the know about safe beauty practices for ourselves, it just seems fitting that I take this show on the road. And what better way (and most budget friendly) to share than by giving you some wonderful tips from women from all over the globe right here.

I hope you all have your passports in order because heeeere weeee goooooo!!!!!

Info. from the Nov. 2009 Women's Health Magazine article called Passport to Pretty
  • Singapore...humidity levels can be at 90% year-round in this country so women coat the ends of their hair with a few drops of coconut oil before bed and leave it on overnight to keep their tresses frizz-free.
  • Philipines...the women use aloe to make their hair glossy by breaking a piece of aloe leaf in half and massage the juice into your scalp, then rinse.
  • Italy...since the sun can be so strong there dried out hair is common. To prevent damage and boost shine, Italian women make their own egg-white mask. Whip two into a frothy mousse, apply it to wet hair for 10 minutes, shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. NOTE: Make sure you use tepid water and not hot unless you want to end up with a cooked omelette up there.
  • Costa temporarily shrink pores, mix equal parts orange juice and water and swab the mixture across your face (avoid the eyes) with a cotton ball. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse.
  • smooth out rough heels, women sprinkle coarse salt (i.e. sea salt) into a palmful of lotion and use it as a scrub. Genius!
Okay I just thought of something just now. You know what would be awesome? If I turned these International methods into a 5 post series where I try every single one and show you my results. Maybe via video vlog or just straight up pictures. Sounds great right? I guess this old brain of mine still has some spark in it. Haha!

Well it shall be done as it has been said...starting next week. I have other things I want to share with you this week that have been backlogged on here for weeks already.

Which one of these tips was your favorite? Have you done any of these yourself and had great results?

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alldaynatural said...

Wow...I love this! I am rapidly taking down notes, lol. Please keep this series up.

Lynn said...

Thanks all day natural, I will definitely be posting another one of these soon so stay tuned.

My best, Lynn

Herryponting said...
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