Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And Boom Goes the Dynamite!

New here? Start here...

Yes I did go through all this...and yet I still ended up with this....

Okay show of hands of how many of you thought to yourself or shouted out loud at your computer "Pshhh...yeah that'll last a week. She better kiss that puppy goodbye because that nail glue won't do diddly. And why doesn't she cut her cuticles? I wonder if she home schools? I bet she smells like vanilla..." Okay maybe not all those things passed through your mind, but a few no?

Nonetheless, back to the drawing board I go. And now I hope that it grows, grows, grows.

My best,
Song of the Week: "Go On, Say It" by Blind Pilot. Because I'm convinced there are a few "I knew it's" out there.

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