Monday, October 17, 2011

Ouch I Broke My Nail-Hard!

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Okay so I was bringing groceries into the house the other day and as I was reaching out for the doorknob to turn it and let myself in, my hand slipped and my fingernail caught the knob in such a way that my nail just went "rrrrrrrrrrrriiippp!!!!!" I cringed from the pain a few seconds after it happened because at first I didn't know what happened.

But now I am in mucho pain. Just look at this...

Yikes right? That is almost a clear tear right across the midsection of my right hand ring finger. It catches on everything and it's a complete nuisance throughout my day.

What to do, what to do? Well I Googled it and found a few remedies. Of course they all require nail glue and what don't I have? Nail glue. So feel bad for me. The real reason I wrote this post? For sympathy from the readers.

But when I do get my nail glue or crazy glue (read about that one time) then I will write up the tutorial or my results on here for ya all.

We'll see. I hope this doesn't kill me.

Does anyone have a really good way to repair such a severe nail tear? Have you ever broken your nail and found a good way to repair it easily and naturally?

My best,
Song of the DAY: Yes, I am posting this song and video only for today because it's not my favoritest thing in the world and I can only stand it for so long. Look at this video and it will blow your mind how interesting (?) these guys are. And I think they are taking themselves seriously here which is another interesting thing....Empire of The Sun "Walking on a Dream"

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