Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eat This For That

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You know that I love food? Yes, of course you do. I talk about it all over the place on here. It's the very reason that I have my A Girl's Gotta Eat series here and there.

Today I was thinking of talking about food for our overall health. Like you know the song "The neckbones connected to the backbone...."? Then I was thinking we can change the song to "Sweet potatoes are connected our overall retina health..." eh, eh? There's a tune in there somewhere, you just have to work for it a bit.

So here are just 4 fruits and/or vegetables that will help boost the health of certain body parts.
  • EYES: 1/2 cup of cooked carrots a day will give you 33,000 IU (International Units) of beta-carotene. For good eye health, you only need 20,000 IU's. So it won't take alot of the orange sticks to start seeing through walls. (photo courtesy

  • NAILS: Carrots make their appearance down here again for nails because "they" are saying that one cup of fresh carrot juice each day helps with our nails. To add to that list try consuming broccoli, fish and onions to help prevent this from happening to you. (photo courtesy

  • SKIN: Shoot for a good healthy portion of yogurt each day for some vital Vitamin A to help get that youthful glow to your skin. The acidophilus in the yogurt will help with proper digestion, and a good functioning intestinal tract will help flush out toxins that get absorbed through the skin. (photo courtesy

  • TEETH: Green tea and fresh raw fruit help to ward off the plaque that can cause cavities and bad breath in your pearly whites. Eating raw fruit massages your gums too. (photo courtesy

Eat these 4 items daily and hopefully you will start to see a great difference in your overall safebeauty health. If that's what you're into...

My best,
Song of the Week: This was one of the songs on this weeks "The Sing Off" (which I hope you are all watching because the show has some insane performances on it)."Footloose" by Kenny Loggins of course goes down in history as one of the best scenes of the original movie. Enjoy.


NatureGirl said...

HOORAY I ate all of those today...except for the Tea...Thanks for the reminder!

Lynn said...

May we all try and aspire to your level NG! So glad to "hear" from you.

My best, Lynn

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