Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oh Honey, Honey...

Originally posted in May of 2011...

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Is it just me or do any of you hate allergens too? I hate how they stick to my car, my fro (oh yeah, it happens!), my innards. I once sneezed 8 times in a row while standing in my kitchen and all the while horrified because that attack came simultaneous to me washing dishes and holding our big ol' butchers knife. I could feel the wooziness setting in before each sneeze but they came so quickly I had hardly any time to comprehend if I was dropping the knife into the sink of suds or directly onto my waiting toes below. Thankfully, I still have all my piggies.

I haven't been consuming hardly any sugar and if or when I do, I make sure that it is practically right after I am done with my exercise workout. I do my last crunch and on the sit up I grab a ginger snap and pop it into my mouth. My rationalization is that it is immediately burned up upon entry from my wicked metabolism firing on all cylinders. I may be slightly delusional.

I must be doing something right though because this time last year I was laid up for almost a whole month with a sinus infection that went to my chest. I think its the combination of exercising, cutting out practically all refined sugars and HFCS (I just hate typing out high fructose corn syrup - doh!) so now I will just abbreviate it with it's initials from now on. I justthought of that. Thweet! Anyway, back to what I was saying...yes, I don't know what it is exactly that is helping, but something is definitely helping these days.

My friend "Denbar" gave me a juicy natural allergy remedy. She said that every day she takes a tablespoon of raw local honey that she literally buys from a lady under a bridge. Yes we told her all the jokes in the book from "Are you sure it's honey?" to "Does she bring just one jar for you or is it a legit display of many jars?" and the classic "Does she sell it out of her trench coat like those guys who sell fake Rolex's in Central Park?". Despite all the jokes she swears by it, and the joke is probably on us because when I think about it, she gets sick only once a year. That's it. One major cold and it's usually the actual flu. But the sniffles, ah-choos, red eyes, and overall discomfort that the rest of us have when the wind shifts - she suffers from none of that.

So maybe she's onto something, ay? Have you heard of such a thing? Local honey to help with the local pollen attacks? What do you guys use to ward off allergens in your life? Dish.

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*Honey & sunflower photo courtesy National Honey Board
*Bee covered in pollen courtesy Top Honey Bee

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