Friday, August 19, 2011

What to Do, What to Do

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Today I want to talk about my life. Not necessarily my natural ways life, but just life...You guys know that my kids are both starting school this year simultaneously right? Yep, they are. My youngest child is starting Pre-K and my oldest is going into 1st grade.

That has basically put my brain and emotions into a dive bomb that will probably crash and burn come Monday when we are down to zero hour and it's actually time to get into the van and whisk everybody off to all corners of town and to each persons respective space. I put in a request with Michael that he take a few hours off of work that morning just so that he can hold my hand as we give away our babies......(holding back tears now...)

It's so daunting in my head. I know they will be okay, but you never really know they will be okay right? I was watching everyone like a hawk last night at Open House and other than the janitor who gave my kid a creepy kinda smile (or was it just an innocent smile that lingered too long?) Nah...I'm sticking with creepy kinda smile, other than that everyone at the school was awesome and the teacher shuffling they did over the summer paid off big time for my boy because it looks like he scored a really great and enthusiastic teacher.

I'm so selfish and indecisive. About halfway through the summer I was texting my husband like mad saying "Come get these kids! I'm done!" knowing full well he couldn't leave his job and get them. I think that just saying those words would bring me back to earth and realize that the kids weren't being soooo bad that I had to banish them off to their dad's boring ol' job. So on any given day at any given hour I was either elated that I was a mother because we were sharing story time and painting together on the living room floor and getting along or I was crying because they broke another one of my electronics while running through the house just seconds after I explicitly told them that running in the house could result in an injury or them breaking something.


And boom goes the dynamite....But now I'm truly facing reality. Our summer is done, the school shopping has begun, the haircuts are this weekend, the food lists are shaping up nicely, the house cleaning is wrapping up, and a new era is dawning on this here family.

What am I to do, I know that I will start working but I don't know what to do with a silent house because I haven't had one in 6 years. It should be interesting.

Here's something though. I entered a contest at Subway to earn a free membership for a year to my local gym or a one week free trial and I know that everyone gets the 1 week because that's how gyms try and build up memberships so I wasn't surprised when I got the call. So now that's part of my plan.

I think I'll go to the gym, walk on the treadmill while watching food network - who does that? I do that - and cry into my protein shake. Yeah......that sounds like a plan.

What about any of you mothers and fathers out there? Is it going to be a hard transition back to school life or are you waiting to get your River Dance on once that school bell rings? What kind of job do you think I should get? Keep blogging or get a "real job"? ;0)

Side note blog Q: What do you think of the bright green link color that I use? Do you like it or do you wish it was darker? Does it make your eyes go wonky? I just want to accommodate all you fine folks, so let me know in the comments whachya think.

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