Thursday, August 4, 2011

To V or Not to V

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This post is going to be a call to all you Vegetarians. At first you might hate me, but I hope by the end of this you will like me again. It'll end well you'll see.

Okay so I'll admit that I was one of those "What a fad jumper-onner!" kind of people whenever I heard someone had switched over to being Vegetarian. I would give them grief and eat my hamburgers all opened mouth and slovenly while mouthing and mumbling "Mmmm....meat!"
I would laugh at all the jokes:

"If God intended us not to eat meat, he wouldn't have made them so delicious." (Not my joke I swear.)

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So you could imagine my concern when one day my internal Lynn (yes she has a Minnesotan accent like the mom from "Bobby's World") said as I was biting into a juicy hormone laden burger, "Ya know Lynn, this here meats probly not good for ya. You should become one of those um, whatcha call 'ems....uhhhh ya, vegetarians!" I was shocked. I looked around to see if anyone else heard internal Lynn because sometimes she shouts to get her point across. But ever since that day I have been coming back to that thought more often than ever. I feel like I am on the precipice of taking that leap again and going from being an outsider looking in, to finally being a full fledged card-carrying Leaping Bunny™ approved V.

What is taking me so long? Fear. I'm a big fat scaredy cat. I am overwhelmed with the thought of having to actually plan out meals that will give me enough nutrition and not make my hair fall out. I also don't want to drop to 95 lbs. in a month due to no actual body fat and a lack of protein. All things that I'm sure won't ever happen, but I am just a drama queen at heart so go with it okay? It just seems overwhelming changing such a large part of my life. You guys know me and know that I love to eat. I love all the different varieties of food. I love how versatile chicken is and how many different layers you can throw on a burger and call it a meal.

But I know there are more benefits than downfalls if and when I make the switch. I have been following a lot of really impressive Vegetarians online for a few years now and they just seem to be so healthy. Their hair is always so shiny and vibrant looking. They look well rested. Not to say that their lives are perfect or they can see through walls or anything fancy like that, but they just seem.....content. Yeah content, that's a good way to put it.

And I want to be content with my food too. I am ready I believe. So here is what I am proposing to myself, and to you because I do better when I am held accountable to others, I am going to see if I can go one week without meat and see if I miss it to the point of delirium. If I can't hack it then I can't hack it. But if I find that I was able to find suitable non-meat choices while dining out and dining in and can find awesome recipes that I can conquer at home then I am in like Flynn and so long Annual Carnivore Convention (that's not a real thing, so you don't have to Google it. Oops wait! I just Googled it and turns out it is a real thing but ironically enough it's about the preservation and protection of certain carnivorous species.)

I am really going to do it guys, I mean it. But I need some encouragement from you already there Vegetarians. What made you make the lifestyle change? Are there any books you can recommend that can help me see the benefits and transition me easily? Can any of you really see through walls? Cause I would really love that superpower. That and the ability to fly so I can save on airfare while still seeing my loved ones across the globe.

But lets dish. What have you all heard about V's? Know any good jokes?

My best,


Doing it My Weigh said...

Interesting post...I cant be of any help to you on this, so I will wish you good luck on your journey to becoming a V.

Lynn said...

Thanks DIMW! So far so good. One day behind me.

My best, Lynn

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