Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Talking About Legs

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Now I am on a complete leg kick. Ba-doom-boom! Yesterdays post on spider veins got me thinking about legs and what other things I have learned about them in my lifetime.

I can't think of a pair of more famous legs than Tina Turners, can you? Ever since I was a little girl and would watch her dance on MTV (back when they still played actual music videos) I would think "How does she keep her legs so fit?" And I vowed to keep my legs in T.T. shape well into my 50's like she has. (Sidenote: I just checked Google and she is actually in her 70's now. Awwwwesome Saaaaauuce!)

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When I was younger my mom sold Avon. She would fill the orders for the moms in the neighborhood and when the orders came in we would set up an assembly line of sorts in the living room and then she would send me on my way with a big Avon bag full of products to deliver to her customers. How I never got jumped for my perfumes and sparkly jewelry was always a mystery. Actually not really, I grew up in the suburbs of NY and it was the 80's. Kidnapping wasn't really the epidemic it is today. It was a pretty safe time.

Anywhoooo....I was a wordy nerdy little kid. I read everything I could get my hands on. I highlighted words in my dictionary (yes I most certainly did), I would read the toothpaste bottle while brushing my teeth in the bathroom, the daily paper, all 4 sides of the cereal box at breakfast. I LOVED TO READ I TELL YA! And I still do. So because of this my mom would get in her Avon books and I would read them from cover to cover and whenever someone wanted to know if there was a certain product available my mom would turn to her little Rain Woman (moi) and ask me and I would chime in after pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nose closer to my eyes and in my best Steve Urkel voice "Why yes mother. It is on such and such a page." What a nerd...haha!

One of the editions I remember reading was all about the legs. They had mothers and daughters standing side by side and showing their legs and how fit they were even though the mothers were like in their 40's and 50's and their daughters were teenagers and in their 20's and 30's. And they all had fabulous legs. One mother daughter duo had some exceptional T.T. legs and I remember it clearly. They asked the daughter (who was in her early 30's)

Avon: "How do you keep your legs in such good shape? You have no cellulite to speak of."

Daughter: "Well my mother told me that to ensure good legs, when I apply my lotion that I should rub up."

And ever since then, that is how I have applied my lotion. In an upward sweeping motion. And so far, so good. Sometimes you get the good gene pool, but sometimes just tweaking an everyday routine can make a nice difference.

So. Next time you are applying your lotion start from your ankles and pull upwards. This helps with circulation and drainage of any collected fats. Also, ease up on the sweeter things in life. Like the cookies, the cakes, the pies and the whatnot. I noticed that whenever I went on my infamous sugar binges is when I would start to get a little cottage cheesiness in the thighs. Be forewarned y'all because it can happen to you too! (hmm...all that was missing for that last sentence was a campfire and a flashlight under my chin)

What about you? Have any good tips on how to keep your legs Tina Turner toned?

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alldaynatural said...

That lotion tip is so interesting! This is definitely one to add to my routine. Thanks, Lynn!

Michael & Lynn said...

You're welcome alldaynatural. Glad I could be of service to ya!

My best, Lynn

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