Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I am nothing if not a blogvironment (it could be a word...) conscious person. So in the heart of that sense, I will be putting up some oldies but goodies posts from yesteryear for you all to enjoy for the next few days. What? Am I phoning it in on here because one of my best friends is coming into town tomorrow and I'm trying to buy myself some time? Why yes, yes I am....


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I am not one to think highly of myself. In fact, due to my being raised in a house with 4 brothers and no sisters they made sure to try and crush every living ounce of self-esteem my parents may have tried to instill in me. Thinking that I was pretty in any new frilly dress my mom bought me? DEEEENIED. Thinking that I could play tea party and dress up with my dollies? NOPE. I forget what year I finally gave up trying to be all girly girl and just succumbed to my tomboy ways. Climbing trees, swinging from vines Tarzan style, doorbell pranking my neighbors, switching out my Jasmin from Aladdin t-shirt for my brothers tuxedo screenprint t-shirt was now my thing.

In the words of the great Andy Bernard of the Office a few episodes back I must have thought to my young self "I guess this is my life now."

So when I write I like to think that I am just writing for myself and no one else is taking notice. Even when I look at my stats (which are quite nice these days so thank you one and all) I get all self-deprecating and say to myself "Don't get all happy, they probably just stumbled across here by missing a letter in their web address." See? Thanks big bros for helping my subconscious keep it real! But remember a few days back when I wrote about milk alternatives here? Well imagine my surprise when I wake up and click on my favorite morning show website - The TODAY - with Matt, Meredith, Ann & Al (and okay you get to join the lineup now too Natalie Morales) and realize that they did a morning segment on how consumers have more 'milk' options so.

Visit for breaking news, world news, andnews about the economy

Sooooo......yeah......the TODAY Show must be reading this blog right? I now write for the likes of Matt Lauer and the self-deprecation ends today. So tell your mama and your friends that you read a blog that the TODAY Show may or may not be imitating from. It will make you the hit of the party!

My best,

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blueviolet said...

OH I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't have people scoping for mention of their names!

Have fun with your friend!

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