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Here is Reduced, Reused, and Recycled classic old school post. This time it is a natural soap detergent. I am still using it down to this day so yes it comes HIGHLY endorsed...

Originally posted in November 2010.

Ecos All Natural Laundry Detergent Review...

So I finally got into our local Sam's Club recently (thanks for the piggy back card mom!) and I am reaping the benefits already.

I bought this big ol jug of laundry detergent about 2 weeks ago now and I have been testing it for you all since then so that's why I haven't really written anything in the last few weeks.

Like most things all natural that I have started using I am loving this detergent. It is 100% All Natural, made with coconut oil based fabric softener/cleaner. It is petrochemical free, formaldehyde free, 1,4-dioxane free, with a neutral pH. (Psst...side bar.....what's up with 1,4-dioxane? Well it's a carcinogen that is a byproduct of the chemical process in conventional detergents that since it's not a real additive and instead is a byproduct the regulators do not require it to be labeled on products. I know right? Scandalous!)

Major Pluses:
  • It is made with Organic Lavender but leaves barely a scent (the husband was super glad about that)
  • The 210 fl oz makes 210 HE (high efficiency washers) loads and 105 standard washers loads. That's alotta laundry!
  • Since it's 2X Ultra you will be astounded how LITTLE you need to use to actually get a load clean.
  • My clothes came out spotless and any heavier stained clothes (grass and dirt stains) I would just let them soak for about 10 minutes before running the whole cycle.
I highly recommend this product and hope to review more of these in the future. This product is part of the Earth Friendly Products collection found here @ It comes from what looks like a highly eco-conscious company with responsible practices. Leaping bunny approved. And many other good things. Check them out online at and enter your reason for safeguarding your home under the free offers tab to try and win free products from them. Talk about greatness...

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April K said...

I love this laundry detergent. I purchase it from Walmart for about $8. When this is out of stock, I purchase Seventh Generation and I love that also!

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