Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pescatarian Update

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Today marks one week pescaterian! Other than the occasional headache I am feeling alright. I think the headaches were from not eating at the proper times and I was starving.

Psychologically this is hard at times I won't lie. And I did cheat once but didn't even realize it. Michael my husband was eating chicken nuggets for lunch one day and as he walked by with his plate I just grabbed one and popped it into my mouth. No thought, just did it. It wasn't until hours later that I had that video zooms in on my eyes bugging out in realization of what I did moment. I was like "WHAT DID I JUST (HOURS AGO) DO????" But the flip out lasted like a second and then I was fine. I just told myself to be more careful next time.

Also, I need to do some research on whether or not a person can detox from meat. Do any of you know? I'm looking into it. We'll see. Now although I do eat fish, I have hardly even ate that all week. This week I made one tuna casserole dish and I was kinda skeeved out by the tuna believe it or not. Go figure! The one protein that I was excited that I get to still eat, after cooking it into a meal - I was unimpressed by. Meh, who knows?

I found a couple of really great veggie recipes over at Miss Lycia's blog All Day Natural
I am going to be making, tasting, and enjoying these hopefully this weekend. I will report back to you my findings. In the meantime, do any of you have some great veggie - raw or cooked - recipes just dying to make their way into my life? Feel free to dish 'em out then.

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