Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The "Eyes" Have It

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Did You Know...
...that your eye has over 2 million working parts? - Convery Optometrists

Okay so today is a quick how do ya do. My kids start school on Monday, I still have shopping to get done, house cleaning to do, a pantry to shop for, and my poor Papa had what Dr.'s are describing as a mild stroke and now he is in a "rehab" facility - aka Nursing Home - getting some serious physical therapy. (Wow. I guess I can do a long story short - who knew?) So on the run I am - spoken like a true Yoda wannabe...

Today I just have a much needed Public Service Announcement to make. Unpaid of course, but I'm so loaded I can do free work all over the place and not even feel it - pshhh, yeah right! No, seriously though, hear what I am trying to say.

My mom has bad eyesight due to glaucoma. Or "The G" as we like to call it around here. I recently went with her on her Doc visit and the Doctor said that her vision is basically 90% gone in one eye. BUT she could have been treated alot sooner if she made regular visits to her optometrist who would have likely caught it and been able to treat it. It seems to be genetic too. The Dr. looked at me and said "You should get checked young lady." After the slight flush that 'young lady' gave me, I realized that he had said something alarming. "Excuse me? I need to get checked for what again?" "Yes, this disease tends to run in the family so get checked as soon as possible and often to get early detection going."

Great. One more thing to add the list. But....the most important in my book. Eyes are the window to our souls some say and also our window to freedom. So guess what I will be doing next week? Yep. Making an appointment for these peepers to get their test on.

Seeing with our eyes are beautiful no? Yes. So get on the horn and call your Eye Dr. as well. Take the initiative because it's for our own eye safety.

*For more information and many interesting facts on glaucoma go check out the Glaucoma Research Foundation website here.

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