Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Then I Breath...

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So I am actually sitting down and writing the "Back to School" post. And it only took me two days to find enough time to do it! Who knew how much more hectic my life would get after the kids went into school? I guess in all fairness my week started off a little bumpy anyway.

On Sunday night I was cruising around town elbow to elbow with all the other procrastinating parents trying to load up on Capri Suns, backpacks, and lunch meat. Which by the way, were mostly all gone. Note to self for next year, get in there early if you want to get anything you don't have to race an old grandma to grab. Not that I would ever grab from the elderly, but I did see it get kind of ruthless out there.

Monday rolled around and the kids had all of their gear ready to go. My kids looked stellar and I was actually so excited for the day that I got basically zero hours of zzzz's. I kept tossing and turning and couldn't find a good spot to lay in. So from 6 a.m. to about 9:30 when Michael finally went off to work, I was running on just pure adrenaline and if you heard anyone yelling loudly "This is not a drill people!!!!" early Monday morning, that was me.

We dropped off my son first and he was all lovey dovey "bye mommy and daddy and grandmere" and gave us just all around a great sendoff. My daughter? No sireebob, she made it seem like she could take us or leave us and it made no difference to her. I drop her off at Pre-K and before she even gets out of the van she shrieks "Is there where you leave me and you all go home?! You're not coming in right?" After Michael tells her "No we are walking you in." She basically cuts him off and says "Yeah, okay but then after that you leave right???"

Sheesh.....chop liver party of 3. My mom, Michael, and myself were like "Ooohhhkay. She will obviously have no problem with separation anxiety this year." (Unlike her mother.) So we took the pics, made it quick, hugs, kisses, and were out the door. Her school is awesome and has great teachers and a great curriculum so it took me 2 days to wrap my head around the fact that she will be fine. However, don't get me started on how terrible the parking lot situation is. By today I have just started parking across the street and avoiding that mess altogether.

So I think we have found our rhythm. Things are moving along smoothly and I am remembering to breath.....

Life is good and I have survived my kids 1st day of school. How about you? Oh and did anyone else cry as much as me? It was a 4 Kleenex morning. At one point, I was so bleary eyed that I said "Michael lets go to the Boohoo Breakfast the school is holding." We walked over to the building only for me to re-read the sign and realize it said "The KINDERGARTEN Boohoo Breakfast" and then I started crying all over again and said "What? Just cause he's not in Kindergarten I'm just supposed to get over it?!?!" Which resulted in everyone over 3 foot tall looking and laughing at me. Yes, I was "that mom" on my kids first day back.

My best,
Songs of the Week: To switch it up this time I will share with you the family back to school playlist. Each one of us picked a song and we put all 4 into a Great Morning Mix. Enjoy! (Click on each italicized song title to be taken to it on YouTube)
Me - Dobie Gray "Drift Away" (my kids sing a mean rendition of this song that slays me.)
Michael - Florence + The Machine "Dog Days Are Over" (he is a drums man)
Baby Boy - Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" (my boys deep what can I say?)
Baby Girl - Train "Hey Soul Sister" (we always say "blah-blah" over the virgin part and replaced drug with love during that 'the way you cut a rug' verse. Yes, it's a very "G"-rated ship we run here...)

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blueviolet said...

I'm a blubbering idiot when it comes to the kids going back to school. I hate that day and I hate when they go back after breaks too!

I had to laugh about your daughter's independence! LOL

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