Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Natural Must Haves For Your Purse

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...the average size of woman's purse is anywhere from 7-10 lbs.!? -

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My purse is definitely the junk drawer of my entire familys outside life. Between my 2 kids and husband, at any given moment my purse might contain band-aids, batteries, a ruler (?), 3 different candy scented Strawberry Shortcake dolls, about 5 expired coupons for stuff that I really wish I had bought and something sweet wrapped in plastic.

But there are definitely a few things that I need to constantly have in that purse to ensure that I don't walk around town looking like I just stepped off the set of "Thriller" as an extra. These are things that always get the mucho primo real estate spot of the huge zippered pouch at the top inside of the bag.

My Top 5 Natural Products To Have In Your Purse at Any Given Moment

1. eos lip balm - (yellow egg-shaped container)for chapped lip touch-ups.
2. alba un-petroleum Jelly - (orangey bottle with blue writing) for hydrating my sometimes ashy hands and legs.
3. Alvera Aloe & Almonds All Natural Roll-On Deodorant - for those on-the-go freshening ups.
4. Dollar Tree Lip Balm for $1 - you can never have enough lip balm in your purse is my motto.
5. bare minerals lip gloss - (slim pink bottle with black top) a girl needs a little flash of color on her lips right? This one adds just the right amount. A nice balance between Mimi Bobeck and Susan Boyle (the early years).

So these are my 5 essentials, must haves and can't leave home without'ems. Now I let you take a peek into my cavernous purse, what's in yours? Same, different, or more lint than anything else? Let's talk about it.

My best,
Song of the Week: I used to dance like a crazy person to this when I was pregnant with my firstborn. After he was born and I would play it his legs and arms would start flailing from the recognition. It's Sarah Slean "Sweet Ones". Click on the title of the song to watch it on YouTube or click on one of the videos with her title from the S.O.T.W. bar on the right.


blueviolet said...

I always, always have to have lip and skin hydration in my purse too!!

Lynn said...

Yup, yup. Especially in the heated weather because product just melts off the skin and constantly needs replenishing. Thanks for stopping in!

My best, Lynn

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