Monday, July 11, 2011

Rise & Shine!

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What wakes you up in the morning? I have been wondering about this for awhile now. I am always intrigued by morning people (but only later in the day, after I'm fully awake, because before then I'm just annoyed by them). What makes them tick and draws them to the light of a new day?

I have always been a self proclaimed night owl. That may be wherein lies my troubles. I stay up to all kinds of ungodly hours of the night catching up on things I didn't get to do all during the day due to wrangling and entertaining my kids. After they get to bed I feel like a new day has literally began. One where silence prevails and I can roam around freely without having anyone underfoot. It's too tempting to squander all that peaceful time with sleep! So instead I sweep, fold, scrub, and basically revamp the house every night. That is also when I feel at my most creative most times. That's when I like to write or get new ideas for writing ideas.

But then the dawn comes and I suffer from sunitis. (So I make up words, don't we all?) But my meaning for sunitis is that I retreat from it like a bat or an owl. I pull the covers over my head, hit the snooze button a gazillion times and basically act like it's one of the mean girls I went to high school with and ignore it.

I think a change is in the air though for me. I need to find out a way to wake up in the morning and look at it as an opportunity to make another day special in its own little way. So this morning I started off by changing one little thing that actually feels like it made a big difference already.

I switched my coffee cup color - permanently.

Now hopefully having a cup as bright as the sun filled with caffeine first thing in the morning will have me looking at mornings differently from now on.

How about you? Do you have anything that really brightens your mornings? Any rituals that make you want to jump feet first into your day? Let us know!

My best,

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