Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello Aloe!

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See this big mamma jamma?

This is one of our 7 inherited aloe plants that came with the house when we moved in. Yep, 7! And what a wonderful amount to have due to the fact that we have 2 very active youngsters tearing through our lives and in the process racking up far too many bumps, bruises, and scrapes along the way.

But today I am going to show you how aloe can be used in a very useful way. On burns. And sadly I have my own test subject due to the fact that my little daughter was in a family wedding in June just last month. You'll know what I mean in a second. Now my daughter has been blessed with a gorgeous head of curls that can hold nearly any style I put it in, and for the wedding my sis-in-law wanted a french twist up-do with curly bangs. Great. Done. I knew it would look fabulous on the girl so I obliged. The wedding was at 2:00 so knowing my daughter and how much wrangling of a 4 yr old is necessary I started her hair @ 11:00 and was just praying that she didn't find a dirt pit somewhere to jump into between then and the wedding (cause jumping into dirt pits is her bag).

Cut to her sitting in a chair in the living room watching The Emperors New Groove - because David Spade just slays it in that role - and Tom Jones starts singing the Cousco theme song and little Miss decides right at that moment to get all herky jerky and sing along just as I am unrolling the curling iron barrel and yep, wouldn't you know it, the next thing I hear is a blood curdling scream coming from my baby girl. She leaned right into that barrel and it left its mark alright. Poor thing. She has that flawless baby skin still and it pains me that I was the one that wrecked it. For now.

So my plan was to get some aloe and whip that skin back into tip top shape. I have been using it on and off for about a month. But now I have come to the realization that Preschool starts for her in one month (school starts in August down South - interesting right?) and it's time to attack that burn with a vengeance.

Ever since I was a child, I have kept aloe in business because until I took ballet I was a pretty clumsy little bean. And I had more than my fair share of curling iron burns. But no scars to show for it down to this day all thanks to my mom using good ol' "Al". So if you have a child or a grownup with scarring concerns then try this...

1. Cut a nice sized piece off your plant either by hand or by blade. Remember to wash and dry your scissors after so the gel doesn't gum it all up later when it dries.

2. Cut the thorny edges off so as not to get poked. There's nothing worse than getting stabbed under the nail - trust me!

3. You will be left with an aloe piece that looks like this...nice and safe.

4. I squeeze the sides a bit to get some of the aloe juices flowing and easier to spread on the injured area. You can also rip it wide open to get more surface area.

5. Then apply it to the affected area. Voila!

Then go about your day and let the aloe do it's thang. Before you know it, you will hardly even see where the burn was. I will be doing this twice daily for the rest of the month. I also put cocoa butter and vitamin e on it when I remember, but the aloe is the real jam that gets the work done.

I should do a post soley on the benefits of this plant don't ya think? Let me know. Also, how many of you have ever used aloe to cure your cuts, bruises, burns, and whatnot?

My best,

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