Friday, July 22, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Eat (Drink Edition)

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It's been a scorcher for most of the land these last few days hasn't it? My BFF up in Michigan has a set rule. "No visiting Lynn in the summertime due to the ghastly high temperatures native to FL. summers." What a snob right? ;o) Little did she know, but FL is having a pretty tame summer compared to the 3 digits parts of Michigan is pulling out of its hat right now. So I might be flying up to see her instead! My blood has thinned enough being down here for about 4 years, that it can withstand a little heat. Cause I'm strong like bull...

In such crazy hot weather we all need to remember to stay hydrated though and that can be hard sometimes. Especially when you spend alot of time indoors trying to escape the elements. Like moi*. But hydrating indoors is just as important as doing it outdoors because those sun rays find ways to penetrate our blinds and still enter our homes or offices and can dry us out.

Wednesday was a road trip day for me and the kiddies. We had a 2 hour trek ahead of us out to Orlando to my sons dentist. I know, far right? Well the story goes he doesn't like the one in town because the Dentist was a beast to him the 1st time. Scarred him for life with his attitude and the only other Dr. that can sedate him and is a really great Dentist is all the way in Orlando. So there you have it. ROOOOOAD TRIIIIIIIIP!!!

I'm so glad we went too. If I hadn't gone then I would never have met my new aquatic love here....

VOSS artesian water from Norway.

I love it. It's like a piece of artwork in bottle form. Isn't it beautiful? I bought the large 1.5 Pint glass jar at a Publix grocery store for about $4 bucks and change. Since it's glass guess who will be reusing this bad boy over and over again? And I have already. I got the kids the smaller plastic bottles with the same grey top. The bottles are so sleek and streamlined. Beautiful. When do you ever describe your water bottle like that? Okay so I'm gushing all over the bottle art they have going on but what about the contents? I'm not one for a product just because of a good marketing strategy (this blog has taught me to look deeper than that!) and I tell you that the water tastes just as good as it looks. Seriously. It's artesian water extracted from an underground aquifer. These people know what they are doing here.

The Company is beautiful too. Their environmental philosophy and social awareness are worthy of standing hand claps. One of their missions is to become a completely carbon neutral company, so they can one day have a zero carbon emissions footprint. That off the grid kinda stuff you know? In addition, they are in full support of the Voss Foundation - "an independent charity dedicated to providing access to clean drinking water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa." Their efforts have already affected nearly 100,000 people there. Awesome.

So my word! Do I love this Co. and its water and their earth stance? Yup, yup. And in the words of Mary Murphy, VOSS is on the "HOT TAMALE TRAIN WOOHOOO!!!" (Note: Not that Mary Murphy endorses VOSS but she does endorse hot tamale trains.)

Definitely swing by their website (here) and go all clickety click around and see what my hype is all about.

My best,


NatureGirl said...

I just saw those for the first time the other day. I fell in love with the bottle too...thanks for doing the leg I won't feel bad about spending the dough on one!

Lynn said...

It's so funny that I found it when I did. Tonight on TV I saw someone famous using it as a prop during their show. Not that I care....but it was cool. Like buying a new car and then seeing it pass you on the street for the 1st time. lol.

My best, Lynn

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