Monday, July 25, 2011

Baking Soda Say Wha...??

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To start the week off we are going to go a little light. No chemical compound definitions, no pontificating on my take on the world. Just a light little diddy for us all to think about and hopefully find success in its use.

This past weekend was epic. In fact, I was just typing out weekend and added too many e's for the wee part and almost left it in because it is actually true. We had a weeeeeeeeeeekend! You have to throw your hands up in the air and your head back in order to truly appreciate that word when you say it.

We went to a lovely dinner party Saturday night at a friends house and there we made even more friends and it was just a nice start to some beautiful friendships I believe. Our hosts made a really great spread for us, and when we showed up they were still in the process of adding the final touches. You know - pulling things out of the oven, transferring them to serving dishes, adding garnish, and making the salad.

As "Dee Dee" was preparing the veggies for the salad, she took them to the sink and I noticed she would pick up what looked like a sugar shaker from a diner and shake something white onto the peppers, rub em down, and then rinse them off.

So I asked her "Umm, Dee Dee is that baking soda you're using?"

And she informed me that yes, yes it was. She had read somewhere that it helps get the residue from pesticides off of the produce. And it makes a great wash.

Awesome right? So remember that we really are what we eat, so we need to be conscious of what we are ingesting. Because if we are just eating anything all willy nilly thinking that someone from a Corporation or large business is looking out for our best interests, then we would be doing ourselves a great disservice.

The next time you are using a veggie try using a simple baking soda scrub! It's as simple as that.

How about you? What do you use for a produce rinse or scrub? Do you just eat all willy nilly and let the chips fall where they may? Are you an adventurous Travel Channel type eater? Sound off in the comments.

My best,

Song of the Week: I was actually still tired when I chose this song, but was bright eyed and bushy tailed by the end. It's The Beatles "Good Day Sunshine" and either click on the song title for a YouTube view or watch it from the right hand column. It usually plays at the top of your web page.


blueviolet said...

I didn't know that worked as a scrub. That's fantastic. So glad you shared!

Lynn said...

My pleasure blue! You look so nice in your avatar by the way. This year seems to be suiting you well!

My best, Lynn

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