Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's Chat A Bit...

Okay you got me. I'm just hanging around. Relaxing with my toes in the kiddie pool. Sunscreened up, drinking a 100% Fruit Juice Capri Sun along with the young 'uns. Sitting in my lawn chair with my shorts on and a easy breezy Pandora mix wafting through an open window to my ears outside. And yes, while I am doing such things there is a twinge of guilt that runs through my spine at times. Like whenever I come across one of my readers in town that suddenly brings me out of vacation mode and crashing back to reality by saying:

"I haven't read anything new on your blog lately, you're still doing it right?"

.........and then I know I'm caught......I kind of laugh it off and say "Right....that....I'll be posting something real soon, you'll see...." But then I go home and I just. Don't. Post. A. Thing. I look at my computer and I think "You should really get on that. You'll lose your readership that you worked so hard for! Just write something, ANYTHING!" But then I still don't.

And here is why.

Plain and simple, this is officially the last summer that I will have in this current state that my life is in right now. I realized that this is the only time in my life that I will be one year from turning 30, my last child will be entering the school system via Pre-K, and I will once again be in a position of being able to make some income again. I will have a quiet house for approximately 3 hours every day come August.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I really, really, really, really, really feel the need to take this summer off and just enjoy the little family time that is so quickly being eaten up by everyday life. Posts on here will be sparse and hard to come by perhaps these next couple of months, but when I do post, I will really put some oomph! into it.

I have a whole bunch o' things to tell you guys when I do start posting regularly again. I have this napkin in a drawer full of scribblies of things to share with you all. So just hang in there, don't forget about me, and I'll see you here and there every once in awhile until August. Cause then it's on like Donkey Kong till the breaka breaka dawn!

My best,

Song of The Week: I have been missing our friends on the West Coast and so I have been humming this little diddy alot lately Phantom Planet "California" (Click here to be taken to YouTube to watch it or click on one of the videos in the right hand side bar)

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