Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ease On Down the Road

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Okay the hectic that was my life for the past 4 months planning an event with my husband has now passed and now I can breath. Literally. At one point, due to all the stress my throat got all phlegmy and started closing up! I went to the hospital, it was a whole big thing, the Doc told me to essentially just chill out and that the buffet line will flow nicely - just don't stress over it. Hahaha...what a novel idea.

So now I have other things to look forward to in the coming months such as our family vacation, the kids getting the summer to just hang with me, and just relaxation to the max. At least that's what I'm hoping for!

As for this here blog, I will try my hardest to stay on top of things and get my posts out regularly because I know how much I'll be doing this summer with the kids being underfoot. So I'm easing back into this situation slowly and I'll get my flojo back on here real soon, you'll see.

Take for instance today. Today I want to share a little snippet from the ear Dr. my mom goes to. Here was her question:

  • Q: Is there any way to care for your ears to prevent hearing loss?
  • A: Yes there is. In order to prevent and ward off hearing loss you should take your favorite book and read a portion of it daily for 30 minutes out loud to yourself.
That's really simple right? I am putting that into practice already. I'm one year away from 30 but already I do the "WHAAAAAT??" "WHAT DID YA SAY DEAR?" to my husband when he talks to me from across the room or whatnot. So this is a pretty cool way to stay in the hearing business right? So let's do it.

My best,

* Pop culture side note: Okay is anyone else as appalled by Arnold as I am? Are you kidding me Governator? Ewww.....

Song of the Week: Yael Naim - "New Soul" (Click here to see it on YouTube or click on the video in the right hand column)


Vivi said...

Yup, it's a simple tip indeed. I do this occasionally--but more to improve my articulation skill since years of wearing dental braces impaired my speech a bit. I never knew it could help improve the hearing, too! Thanks for sharing the tip. :)

Lynn said...

Vivi - I knew that it took a little while to start remembering that you can smile brightly after getting braces off, but I never thought about how it could impair your speech. I had a gap when I was a young 'un but my parents must have just bet on it filling in because braces weren't even an option when I was little. Glad you liked the tip Vivi!

My best, Lynn

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I've missed you lady! Thanks for the hearing tip. Who knew people who read out loud were smart for doing that? LOL!
I know it's old news, but Arnold is triple gross

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