Monday, May 2, 2011

Lactose Free Kids

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Did You Know...
...approximately 1 in 9 Americans are lactose intolerant? -

You see my little bean over to your left? He is my precious little boomba. His name's Sy - likesigh - and he's lactose intolerant. (whoa...that totally sounded like a PSA ad right?) But yep it's true. Ever since he was a newborn, this little guy always seemed to spit up more than your average baby. And not just spit up - he would projectile vomit like nobodys business.

I have brought him to enough docs and different pediatricians that surely by his 6th birthday couldn't be the time that we finally figured out that he was lactose intolerant right? Right?? Wrong. And the person who steered us towards cutting out cows milk wasn't even an MD. It was a cousin that grew up being allergic and suggested we try that option instead of a biopsy, which is what an internist was strongly urging us to get.

Thankfully, and oddly enough our insurance wouldn't cover that procedure until we tried all these antacid-type meds such as Zantac to see if that would help him. And that was after we had already told them that the Zantac basically turned him into a little zombie (case in point - I awoke one night to him standing next to the bed just staring at me all Children of the Corn like and when I asked him what's wrong he just responded "Nothing." and shrugged his shoulders. I walked him back to bed and he fell back asleep and woke up later that morning like nothing ever happened. Creeeeeepy.) But yet, they wanted to put him on more of the same thing like he's their own personal guinea pig. I say "No sir to that!"

So we took him off milk.
And he stopped vomiting.
But only 6 years too late, because all that acid over time eroded the enamel on many of his back teeth so now he sports mouth hardware in the form of silver caps until his adult teeth grow in.

The moral of this story is if your baby pukes alot or vomits profusely for no explainable reason and x-rays shine no light on anything going on wrong internally, then try taking them off dairy. It might just be what the Doctor didn't order, but works anyway!

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Song of the Week: I'm really feeling socially conscious right now. Which leads me to this weeks song Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love?"

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