Monday, April 4, 2011

What's New Crew?

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Hello and Happy Monday everyone! Today calls for some sunshine...

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Down here in sunny FL the temp was high and the sun was blazing. I love a good weekend that affords you the luxury of choosing to do as you please. We had our fair share of rainstorms earlier in the week that got us national recognition on the Today Show. Hey-o! But there really is nothing worse than having kids stuck in the house when all they want to do is go outside and play. But we did fun crafts and cooking to help the time go by. La-de-da...

Today I want to talk to you about blogging. My personal blogging habits, goals, and all around general information that I think you should know.

A couple of you have noticed and commented on the fact that I have been posting a lot more lately. You are very right and that is very true. Now if you have been reading this blog since the beginning, you know that I have in the past only posted on Mondays. When I started blogging I did that because I had a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old that commanded much of my time. But nowadays those kids are much more grown and do not need as much doting anymore. So I sat and thought about what I could do with my time since it's not being used to wipe, wash, or wrangle babies so much anymore. And I decided that I would start to build more content on my website. And bust a move on this Internet thingy! My end goal is to use this outlet as a message board to as many women and men as possible, because the things that we will discuss on here are mega important to me and dear to my heart and it's really a driving force in my every day life.

So here are a few changes that will be happening on this hear site in the days, weeks, and months to come:
  • I will be posting more frequently throughout the week. Mon-Fri preferably but if I write a post that I feel warrants more eyes then I might leave it up for more than a day or two.
  • I will soon be selling ad space! In the words of the great Joey Lawrence...WHOA! I know right? There have been many companies that I have grown to know and love over the years that have constantly asked me if I sell ad space and I now feel like I am finally ready to open this space up to that. Like I said, this will be happening soon so stay tuned if you are a business owner large or small.
  • I will be changing up some of the site design so as to make it more user friendly. Any ideas or changes you would like to see implemented?
  • On a personal note, I am going to start looking into writing classes again. I used to take them when I was a much younger lass, but after having 2 kids I am realizing that I have forgotten alot of grammar rules and spellings of things with my mommy brain. So back to school I must trek in order to bring words to you that make sense. :o)
Hmm...more content, ad space, writing classess....what else? Oh right! Here's one last thing:
  • I will be making my own button so that you can take it with you and post it on your website or blog to show your appreciation if you so choose. I have one on here now, but I am honestly hardly impressed by it. So if any of you have a better site that I can use to make a cute little button then by all means let a girl know.
Okay I think that is about it. It may seem like alot of changes but it's nothing too drastic. Don't be scared because everything will be alright. I promise!

My best,

Song of the Week: "Let the Sunshine In" performed by a group of younguns. So pretty and makes me cry every time. I don't know why...

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girlcurly96 said...

Great...I can't wait to see the new changes. I love being able to be friendly with a company or website before it skyrockets into fame and success lol!

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