Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shampoo Free Me!

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Let's talk hair. I have it, you have it, we all have it, but we all take care of our specific hair-type in a specific way. No two heads are the same I'm willing to bet. Okay not bet, but I'm pretty sure that we are all walking around with our own distinct snowflakes atop our heads.

I am not a beautician or beauty school dropout or anything in between. I am just a woman that is to this day trying to figure out what works best for my particular tresses. In the process of finding out what works, I have read many articles that say the shampoo industry is into some shady biz with their ingredients. You see the alcohol listed either 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the list of your shampoos ingredients? That's the alcohol that you can thank for drying out your hair and making it brittle leading to split ends. But it smells nice so we go back for more, right? Which leads to us getting onto that human guinea pig wheel of purchasing. And the hair care industry just hears the sound "Cha-Ching!" every single time.

Today I will try and help you step off that wheel.

I have ditched shampoos altogether. The main reason being that I couldn't find a truly all natural alternative that I really could throw my support behind. Now when I say shampoo I mean an actual bottle of shampoo. I have found a great shampoo bar however, over at Smell Goods Spa '98 but I have yet to find an actual shampoo bottle that delivers. But now I don't have to, thanks to this great baking soda/apple cider vinegar combo that eliminates the need for said shampoo! Now all I have to do is invest a couple of dollars on these 2 simple items and I am getting the hair cleansing of a lifetime I kid you not. And it lasts a long time! Remember my post on the benefits of vinegar? Well in said post, I gave you a link to a great vinegar hair rinse and now I give you a link to a great "no poo" recipe (yes I am immature and giggle every time I read or write about this topic)

So remember this if anything: more mainstream shampooing = drier hair = you broke because you keep on looking for a cure for your dry and flaking scalp and you're willing to pay for it no matter what the cost may be.

I have tried this method and I am sold! I promise that you will benefit from it too. In fact, Ipinky promise that you will fall in love with this no poo method (chuckle, snort, snort) and I don't take my pinky promises try this out and tell me how much you like it. If you have already done so, then by all means jump into the comments and lets keep this praise going shall we?

My best,


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I did noo-poo for a couple of years, might be time to go back. now I use Kinky Curly Come Clean...have you tried that one?

Tashelle said...

How often do you wash with the "no poo" method and how does your hair feel afterwards. Do you still use a conditioner? I will admit I am one to buy shampoo and conditioner based on smell but I do purchase mostly "all natural" products.

Lynn said...

Tashelle - I do a no poo once a week and it cleans out all the product buidup from the week before. After I rinse it out I do add a conditioner afterwards of an avocado mixture. I love it! Keep up those "all natural" purchases though.

My best, Lynn

girlcurly96 said...

They have also put that "magic" ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate in their. Why? gets your hair clean. What's wrong? It gets it a little too clean. Its the same ingredient use to scrub dirt and food residue off of our clothes which is a little to harsh for our precious strands in my opinion.

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