Thursday, April 7, 2011

Natural Love

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Don't you just love stumbling upon a great website that has information you are actually interested in? I know that I do, and I am pretty sure that the rest of mankind would agree. So with that assumption in hand today I am going to share with you a few natural sites that give me inspiration, thoughts to ponder, and an overall warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy.

  • Organic Authority - this site has great photos, information, and a nice layout.
  • She Hearts It - this very clean and crisp blog has great reviews on products and usually has a giveaway with each as well. Gotta love that.
  • Green Living Ideas - awesome natural recipes that you can make right from home along with practical advice makes this site one of my have-to-stop-ats.
  • All Day Natural - I love how Miss Lycia comes across so breezy with her thoughts on all things natural. She gives great product recommendations and delicious healthy recipes as well.
I know that you will all enjoy these sites. I have been inspired by them for the past few years and I just can't hold onto these all to myself any longer. I grew up in a large family and my parents taught us all that "Sharing is caring."

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