Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Eat...

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Sorry for being m.i.a. lately. Computer problems and family obligations had me on the run and up a creek for days. But I'm back and here to tell you about some yummy for your tummy!

I love a good PB&J on any given day of the week. I also love the PB&Banana variety as well. If you have never tried that kind, then your life is not complete until you have. But what I didn't love was how much sugar it takes to make a little jar of jelly. I once watched Paula Deen make jelly on her FoodNetwork show and was shocked how much gets dumped into it. I loved white granulated sugar back then and even so, my sweet tooth was shocked.

Just recently on Jamie Olivers Food Revolution he filled a whole school bus with the sugar that kids are consuming just in their flavored milks alone on a weekly basis. It's pretty shocking to see actually and since I'm into the whole shocking reality with this blog I will share the video link with you here. Hulu has it on their site and I don't know for how long, so click quick!

That is alot of sugar to consume, and I realized that I need to be just as proactive about my kids consumption of sugar as I am for myself and my husband. So I started with our jelly. We were buying the usual Smuckers or store brand jelly, whichever was less expensive. But then I went on a shopping hunt for a natural alternative. And I found it! Polaners All Fruit makes a great spread. It's not technically a jelly and I will get to that later, but it is all natural, all fruit, and all kinds of delicious!

Right now we are sporting the Polaner All Fruit with Fiber Strawberry flavored in our fridge and it only has 6grams of sugar. The sugar isn't even sugar like in the conventional sense but rather it's sweetened with the sugar from fruit. The front label states 'Sweetened Only with Fruit Juice'. Awesome right? Why don't more companies do this? Ya got me. No wait, I have a very strong opinion on this and I'm just waiting until the day that I do a rant post and then maybe I'll get it out then. ;-)

Here are more pluses about this jar of spreadable fruit:
*Only 35 calories per 1 tbsp
*0 grams of trans fat
*0 grams of sodium
*3 grams of dietary fiber
*gluten free

foto courtesy safebeauty - aka me.

Now remember when I said it's not a jelly? Well there is a very specific reason that they can't call this a jelly but it's for very good reason. To find out why I would like you to watch this 4 minute video of The Neelys from FoodNetwork learning how to make a Strawberry Jalapeno Spread and get this - Strawberry BBQ Sauce! The creator Russ from Carlsbad Gourmet gives us some insight into what the requirements are for jellys and spreads. These recipes are definitely happening in my kitchen VERY soon. Enjoy!

My best,
Song of the Week: Since we hit a high note with the spreadable fruit let's keep it going with the high notes and rhythms of Aha and "Take on Me"


girlcurly96 said...

YUM! STRAWBERRY BBQ??!??? Sounds like heaven on a kaiser roll lol! -- Have you recieved my email?

Michael & Lynn said...
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Lynn said...

girlcurly96 - yes I did indeed get your email but I just haven't had the opportunity to send out the lip balms yet. Please bear with me, it will happen I promise!

My best, Lynn

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