Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Dye Causes Hyperactivity?

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Did You Know...
... that 1 in 10 kids have been diagnosed with ADHD? - I heard this on ABC News

Ever since I met my husband way back when I can remember clearly him taking me out to lunch and pointing out on things I would pick up that there was dye in them.

"Yeah you're right, there is Red 40 in this Gatorade - so what?!" (remember this is way back before I cared about my body and my metabolism was something to be praised)

"Well dear that stuff causes free radicals and yada, yada, yada, before you know it - cancer!"

I still don't completely know what all the yada yada was about, but just recently food dyes and their controversy have made their way into the national spotlight. It seems like everyone and their mothers is being diagnosed with ADHD. I have many theories on why these kids are all being diagnosed, but one of them is that it could be what they are consuming. Food is made so differently than it was when our parents or even grandparents were younger that is the truth. Back in the day, potato chips were just that, a simple fried potato peel. It would be slightly browned and salted and you would be on your way. Now the potato chips of our day are all bright Vegas Red and Atlantic City greens and all kind of wacky colors.

The FDA set up a panel to get to the bottom of this debate and their findings should soon be published. Many scientists have said that food dyes aren't what is causing the ADHD but it may be exacerbating the symptoms of hyperactivity in children and adults that already have the condition.

What dyes are causing concern about hyperactivity in children and adults? Here's a list:
  • FD&C (which stands for food, drug & cosmetic and basically means that the FDA has approved it to consumed)
  • FD&C Blue 1 and 2
  • FD&C Green 3, Orange B
  • FD&C Red 3
  • FD&C Red 40
  • FD&C Yellow 5 and 6
These are all the dyes in question. I have been looking at them with that slitted eye for the past few years like they owe me money just because I just don't really trust the fact that they are truly safe for consumption. I say tread lightly and everything in moderation. At least until the FDA gets to the bottom of things - if ever.

What say you, have you ever heard anything crazy about the food dyes? Anyone with a scientist uncle, aunt, grandma or grandpa that can help set the record straight?

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Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Your hubs was way ahead of the curve! Kraft recently quit using dye in its Mac n Cheese products in Europe after protests. But our FDA has made no similar requests. Our American diet is going to be our undoing!

alldaynatural said...

What a great post! I methodically check labels too, and I noticed that dyes are everywhere. Cough drops, toothpaste, lotions (!). I don't understand why these potentially unhealthy substances have been added to everything, but I am glad that the government and public are starting to pay attention.

girlcurly96 said...

WOW! I just got the MiO liquid water enhancer in the mail the other day and all it is is food coloring...should I be scared?

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