Friday, March 25, 2011

What Charlie Sheen Needs

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Okay it's time. I swore to myself that I was not going to mention his name on this here blog o mine. I try and only keep it real above board on here and talk about things that I wouldn't mind my mom reading over my shoulder. I know that if my mom kept up with pop culture though, she would definitely have an opinion about Mr. Sheen's antics as of late. And the things that I am going to suggest that Charlie Sheen needs would most likely come highly endorsed with my moms stamp of approval as well.

I honestly think that he can benefit from the following things:

1) A coffee enema. This should help purge his body of alot of the creepy toxins that are obviously poisoning his system at this time.

2) A cold shower. It is beneficial to help him regain his focus. In the mornings, this should be his pick me up.

3) A new job. Cause I heard he's unemployed right now. But then again, who isn't? Maybe he could be a de-motivational speaker. I'm sorry, that's just harsh. Maybe he can do a Scared Straight program though, for reals.

4) New friends. Or even some friends. Real ones though. No fake looking for a few minutes of "fame"(?) just by being pictured near him on some TMZ website friends either. But some real salt of the earth people that really care. Sadly, I don't know if there are such people for him in his world.

5) Parenting classes. I saw an interview where the reporter asked him if he was embarrassed that his kids will one day see all this, and he said "No." just as quickly as she had gotten the words out of her mouth. His reality is off kilter when it comes to how to raise kids in a responsible environment where they need to feel secure and loved. I don't know him or how he treats his children, but if I walk around town with dried ice cream on my shirt from lunch when I get home and realize it I tell ya what - that makes me embarrassed for my kid that I walked around like that all day. (Meanwhile my kid would probably pick her nose in front of the Queen on national television and not think twice.) So yes, parenting classes are a must.

6) Get hydrated. He seems to look a little jaunt in the face and malnourished in some photos and videos. Water would help with his complexion.

7) Get some sun...while drinking some water. Give that body a 1,2 punch. The sun will help him get in a better mood and the water will help him sweat out any toxins the enema may have missed.

8) Try a few memory aids to maintain mental strength. The same guy that said "Chivalry is not dead and I show it by my actions." or something along those lines...said just a few seconds later "Well if she shows up to the party and OD's it's not my fault. I'm not responsible for that." Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh....umm could someone rewind that beautiful bean footage for Mr. Sheen please?

and last but not least,

9) Some sleep. Seriously when does he sleep? He does his dealings it seems like at all different hours of the day. His brain might be getting deprived its fair portion of oxygen hence the mindless ramblings at times. A steady dose of zzzzz's could help clear up most if not all of his problems.

But that's probably not true. Somewhat, but not totally.

See? He's seen better days...

To say that Charlie Sheen needs something different in his life is an understatement. He needs a fresh start. If ever there was a meltdown publicly this is it. He is the only one at this point that can brink himself back from the ledge that his life is teetering on. My list is not conclusive, but I think it's a pretty good start. What do you think?

My best,


girlcurly96 said...

I have been trying to get in to contact with you as one of the winners of your EOS giveaway: my email is

girlcurly96 said...

Charlie sheen is out of control! especially with the new T-shirts he has in the making and nearly DOMINATING every late night talk show in exsistence. It's like you think he's gone only to turn around and see him standing behind you -- not quite what I would call "winning"

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

He also needs a media blackout. All media need to agree not to interview him and his twitter account should be suspended until her gets well.

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