Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Tweeze or Not To Tweeze

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Did You Know... ancient India, a band of hair in the middle of a woman’s chest was considered a sign of great beauty? -

I think that I can pinpoint the actual moment that I found my first facial hair on my chin. Oh I forgot to tell you that this post is going to be very revealing but I'm willing to go there for all you loyal readers. owe me and preferably in chocolate please.

Okay so back to my chinny chin chin. Yep I remember the first time. I was sitting in my best friends car waiting for my husband (then boyfriend) because we were going out on a date. My friend says to me "What's that?" and points to my chin.

"What's what? What's on your face? You know, when you point a finger at others you have 3 pointing right back at you."

"Are you done? Because you have a huge something on your face and unless you want this guy to take one look at it and bolt leaving nothing but a puff of cartoon smoke behind, I suggest that you take care of it. Here."

She handed me a mirror and I pulled on what I thought was a piece of lint or thread left over from my sweater. It wasn't. Instead it was a hair yaaaaaaaay long and as I was pulling on it it kept on unraveling like a sick opposite twisted version of Rapunzel. If Rapunzel was the bearded lady perhaps? Which led to both of us screaming our heads off like I was transforming into some kind of alien right before our very eyes. We were very dramatic at the age of 20. Thankfully, she had a pair of tweezers in her car and we vanquished that sucker before my Prince Charming hopped in the backseat. (Kids on vacation all last week has left me with a few Disney terms too many still on my brain!)

Fast forward many years, I still get strays here and there, but the freak out phase has passed. I get unpleasantly surprised don't get me wrong, but I now know how to deal with it. I have been wondering alot lately what causes this in women so I looked into this website and the awesome article by Dr. Geoffrey Redmond states that basically hormones like testosterone and androgens are what come into play. Excess hair can sometimes be hereditary, but sometimes it can just be a hormonal imbalance. As we get older, sometimes these hormones can get out of wack. Either way you can use different remedies to take care of that.

All these years tweezers have been my hair removal system of choice. But Dr. Redmond suggests not to do that because it pulls from the root and can leave pitting. Instead he recommends actually cutting the hair with scissors. Who knew?! Now, it doesn't come out by the root so it will grow back quicker, but it leaves less chance for ingrown hairs to occur.

I will be trying this method the next time that one of my rogue hairs make an appearance. What about you ladies? What is your preferred method of hair removal? Tweeze, wax, cut, threading? Let me know if I'm missing out on something here.

Here's a link to more hair here to enrich your mind

*Not so funny story.....I was standing next to my friends mom recently and said to her "Oh you've got something on your face." and went to wipe it away and realized far too late that it was a bunch of tiny hairs all clumped together!!!!! Aaaaccckkk!!!! She was embarrassed, I was embarrassed, the dog even gave me a dirty look and huffed out of the room. So now I don't tell anybody anything. Except yous guys..... :o)

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Leave it to Salma Hayek to make facial hair look good still. Now I want a full beard! No I don't... anyway I got the photo (which was photoshopped) from

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