Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Quick Rule to Shop By

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I have been radio silent on here for a few days because I have been catching up on other work around my house and since it's Spring Break with school here, I have been shuttling my kids all over creation on play dates and hopefully life-enriching excursions.

But today you have my full attention. I will be making my shopping list today for the upcoming week. Now this is going to be a mega shopping trip because I have not had a chance to do a real stockpile kind of trip in a few weeks and we are now down to the mistakenly bought can of diced tomatoes with green chilies and 2 super ripe plantains. Yes, a bare kitchen a meal does not make. So off to the store I go this afternoon.

While there I will be loading up on more fruits and veggies and that made me think about sharing this quick rule that I have adopted to shop by from now on. You know how there are all these lists about what fruits and vegetables to buy organic and what ones shouldn't matter if they are organic or not? There are a whole slew of them, and I can't get my brain for some reason to remember them all when I am at the store and the time to choose presents itself.

So here's the quick rule:

*Buy organic when it's an edible skin or peel. Don't buy organic when it's a peelable....umm, peel.

Simple ay? Easy peasy! Take that with you the next time you are staring down those bunches of bananas.

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