Thursday, March 24, 2011

Juicing 10Whaaa??....

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Many of you have been wondering where my husband and I are right now on our juicing journey (kadzooks I think I've got it! You'll know what I mean in a minute). Through many of your well wishes we were sent off to the trenches to see what we could learn.

It has been a few weeks now since we've started and minus a day here and there, we have been pretty consistent. Here are a few things we have learned along the way...

* Naming a juicing blog is harder than we thought it would be. All our good ideas have been snatched up by people the world over. The most frustrating thing is that alot of great blog names have been taken and the blogs are just sitting there dormant since '09 or '08 just collecting dust. But if it was just not used or given back then we could be squeezing the juice out of that domain name right now!

* Some fruits and vegetables just don't go good together. I'd tell you which ones, but I have forever erased them from my memory banks.

* Some fruits and vegetables were just made for each other. i.e. carrots and apples in my humble opinion. My husband doesn't like it as much but I think it's a quick and delicious mix.

* Plan on kinda breaking the bank while doing this lifestyle change. You go through fruits like no ones business. We like to add a kick of sweet to every cup so we use fruit on a daily basis.

* Buy in bulk when you can!!!! We cannot emphasize this enough. You will save tons of $$$ that way, trust me. We just spent $14 dollars on a 25 lb. bag of organic juicing carrots. They should last us weeks. The carrots are so big that even Bugs Bunny would be green with envy.

* Always switch it up. Don't fall into a rut of the same combo every time. There are so many great fruits and vegetables that have been created for our enjoyment that it would be a shame to limit yourself.

Well that's all I have for today I guess. It's a gloriously beautiful day out so I'm in my office with all the windows open listening to the birds chirping, catching some rays and all the free Vitamin D my body can stand. Today I will jump back into the blog pond and try to create our ultimate juicing information super website. I am going to try out that one name that I mentioned earlier - Juicing Journey - has a nice ring to it, right? Here's to hoping it's not a Siberian news blog already.

My best,

Hi there. Just was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on a blog name? I love how creative my readers are and I know you are thinking of a few good diddies yourself. Feel free to leave them in the comments below and next week or so I'll tell you which one worked out.

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