Monday, March 14, 2011

And the Winner Is...

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Just me and the kiddos

What?!? I know right? I am UN-PRE-DICTABLE! (go watch Despicable Me and you'll hear how I say that word now)

But yes, I have decided to award all you lovely entrants into this giveaway with the said desired lip balms of your choice. And here's the reason why....

Usually in the past when I have hosted a giveaway, I tell the Hubs "okay I need Monday to hit up the Interweb and get the news out of this awesome giveaway I'm doing" which really means "keep the kids out of the computer room for a few hours". Because if I don't do that, then nobody knows about the giveaway, and I would end up with free products orphaned and with no home to go to by the end of the week. Shampoo bottles get so weepy. But this time around I had absolutely no time whatsoever to really get on that bandwagon. Other than posting it here and there in the midst of other mondo giveaways during the week, I didn't really go all out on this campaign. Mamas gettin' old.... ;o) Pssshhh yeah right! No, but I really had no time. Umm....Japan actually moved, so to say I had other things on my mind is an understatement. I'm sure the same was going on in your own households.

So my lack of time and commitment to rally the world behind coming here and trying to win free lip balm has resulted in a bounty of gifts for 6 of you lovely readers. Congrats!

Over the course of this week look in your inboxes for the good news email. The subject will be "You REALLY won free lip balm!" (I don't know about you but I have deleted that email claiming I won a free Dell notebook sooooo many times - that's why I added the REALLY)

Again, congratulations to you all! Pat yourselves on the back.

My best,

Song of the Week: Of course it's Queen and "We Are the Champions" here to be taken to YouTube to view the video or just click on a video in the right hand column.


NatureGirl said...

That is the cutest picture! What darling babes!!!

girlcurly96 said...

my email is

yeahh! so excited!

Ree said...

Thanks so much!!! :)

Love your picture too!

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