Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Am I Annoying?

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Now I don't mean in general, but I mean in relation to this here world. The natural & organic world that I have nestled into. Do you know what I mean? Let me explain my train of thought.

You know those people that are all about something and they just have to have everyone else know about it, and not just know about it, but be annoying about it? Like for instance, there are some people that swear by some weight loss programs. Not naming any names, they say that this program has changed their lives and you MUST try it. Not that you should just look into it and see if it's for you, but rather that you just HAVE TO TRY THIS AND THE NEXT TIME THAT I HAVE A MEETING I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE EVERYONE THERE AND THEY ARE RUNNING A SPECIAL RIGHT NOW WHERE ALL THE MEALS AND DRINKS ARE HALF OFF AND THE CAR IS RUNNING RIGHT NOW AND YOU LOOK FINE THE WAY YOU ARE DRESSED NOW AND DO YOU HAVE 5 DOLLARS? NO? THAT'S OKAY CAUSE I'LL SPOT YOU THE MONEY AND YOU'LL MAKE IT BACK JUST BY THE SAVINGS ALONE AND.............

You catch what I'm layin' down here? You know people like that? Thankfully I don't. But lately I was wondering if I am my friends "annoying friend who pushes her natural lifestyle on me whenever she gets the chance". That would not be good. Because I try really hard not to be that person. Sometimes it's physically painful for me not to open my mouth when I see someone or hear someone making a bad decision when it comes to food or personal hygiene choices. The fact that I cringe whenever my mom tries to buy something from QVC because she says "Ooooo I bet it smells really great, plus it won't be at this 70 dollar price forever!" and I know she can't get the same product effect on her skin for 1/4 of the price is just something that I deal with on a daily basis.

When I started learning more about the cosmetics and food industry and started changing my purchasing habits I'll be the first to admit that I wanted to shout out all my findings at the top of the nearest and highest building with a bullhorn. But then I realized that I can't single handedly change or save the world and also that not everyone wants to change their habits. Some people live by the creed of 'Ignorance is Bliss' and who am I to shatter that blissdom? Yesterday I was having a play date with a couple of my mama friends when we were watching a commercial on TV and they were showing on The Dr.s something about something and they were showing a series of greasy fast foods (pizza, triple cheeseburgers, chili cheese fries) and faceless people eating them. It made me sick to my stomach because I was thinking how horrible that stuff is for us and just as I was about to say 'ewww' one of the moms goes 'mmmm why does everything that's so greasy look so yummy?' since I was raised with the saying "if you you nothing good to say...." I just sat back and didn't say a word.

I try and give advice when advice is warranted (no I'm pretty sure you shouldn't put your baby to sleep with fruit punch soda in it's bottle for bedtime) or solicited (what do I think of the new Sierra Mist Natural soda? While it's great they use real sugar instead of High Fruc Corn Syrup it still has 62 grams of sugar in one 20 oz. bottle and the recommended daily allowance is 40 grams). And I try really hard not to walk up to random citizens and just slap shampoos, lip glosses and lotions out of their hands while screaming "It's all poison, do you realize what you are doing to yourself?!? Stop the insanity!!!"

Because that would just be crazy...and annoying...aaaand I'm pretty sure illegal in every state. So I will continue to try my best to avoid that. I like people. And friends are nice to have.

Have you ever come across someone like that? Just tells you what you don't want to hear when you never asked them in the first place? Share a story here if you have one. Best one wins a pat on the back.

My best,

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blueviolet said...

Yes, I can think of one right now, and I think of her as a know-it-all. She comes across as condescending and belittling to everyone else.

I'm glad you're not like that!

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