Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow's The Day

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Yep, today is the last day of February and with this day comes major preparation in this here home. You guys know what I've been talking about lately right?

and vegetarianism of course...

Now before I go down the path of a complete meatless diet, I am taking it slow. And I am going to start by squeezing the life out of some fresh fruits and veggies. My husband and I are convinced that changing our diets in this manner will really help us with our troubles with fatigue, restlessness, mood swings, melancholy - although sometimes I like my melancholy, acne, and who knows what else.

The reason that I am doing a juicing diet is because do you remember the spectacle that was my Master Cleanse fast? No? Check that post out here then. And because that nearly drove me nuts and the whole cold turkey thing usually doesn't work with me I've finally realized, nor my husband, I knew that I needed something that is really affective but not sooooo drastic that I lose my mind and then go on a potato chip binge when no one is looking!

So here's to our last meal today of goodies. Just kidding, we'll probably eat sensibly today anyway. But tomorrow should be interesting. Those of you that wanted to read about our juicing journey will be happy to know that a blog will be available to you. More on that tomorrow!

Have a great day all. Get out and smell the fresh air!

My best,

Song of the Week: "Mack the Knife" by Bobby Darin. So young. So talented. I love his voice in this song. Gotta dance.


Cindy DG said...

Best of luck, with a slow pace you will do well. Just try a few things at a time. Look at it as different levels of vegetarian :) BTW, gelatin is a common binding agent found in some foods and its made from animal bones, skin and organs. :) Thanks for stopping by today and best of luck on your new journey! I am anxious to follow your juicing journey, I haven't done that before! :) Cindy

Lynn said...

Thank you Cindy. I know that I like more of a veggie fruit mix, but I can't wait to mix it up with different fruit that I normally don't eat. I'm anxious as well.

My best, Lynn

Sunkissed Sister said...

One of my favorite juice mixtures is "ABC" juice. Apples + Beets + Carrots! Regular apple juice or carrot juice is yummy, but beets I was a little leary on but this combo is YUM-EEE!

Let me know what you think.


Legal Grindin(g) Wifey said...

from #cocktail finally an organic blog that I can keep up with that speaks my language. Fellow naturalista here as well. My 2yr naturalversary was dec 21!

Lynn said...

Sunkissed Sister - that concoction sounds delish, and I will definitely try it. So far, what has worked for me is apples and carrots mixed to make a layered kind of sweetness. Interesting and delicious!

Legal Grinding Wifey - thanks for stopping in. I try and keep this blog on the peoples level ya know? ;o) Congrats on your 2yeariversary also! Swing by my natural hair spot at
I think you might like it there.

My best, Lynn

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