Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Cow and a Deer Walk Into a Bar

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If it was up to me, which one do you think would make it out first? I don't know...I guess it depends on how you fry it. I grew up in the NorthEast and I had hunter friends that used to give me venison and show me how to cook it up nice. So...I guess the cow would make it out first. Ewww what's wrong with me?

In all seriousness the older I get, the more clarity I have when it comes to my own body. The domain name on here is Safe Beauty. I have read many an article linking our food to our bodies and the health or lack there of with regards to that. Did that make sense?

Okay, well I guess I'm just beating around the bush when it comes to what I want to say today. So I'll just let you in on my current struggle. Come close. Closer, because I want to whisper it just due to my sheer jitteriness of it all. Here it is:

I want to be a vegetarian.....

Yep. It's true. I'm going to be one step closer to moving to some endangered forest somewhere and chaining myself to a tree so the loggers can't cut it down for more precious lipstick or penicillin (okay I just sound like a real jerk if I was preventing penicillin from the human race) but I know that becoming a vegetarian would put such an outlandish label as "treehugger" right smack dab across my forehead.

But I am starting to really not be bothered by that label. The more I'm educating myself about becoming vegetarian through awesome online sites such as here and here, the more I am convinced that it is the right way of life. Of course I am wishing that I had done my homework years ago and then would have avoided a couple of physical issues I've dealt with over the years. And those of you that been here since the beginning hopefully are just smiling and thinking to yourselves "Oh Lynn, you silly girl, we knew you would end up here....giggle, giggle, snort, snort."

In the meantime before I take that plunge I am reading up on juicing. I want to attack that with a vengeance so my body won't know what hit it. My husband and I are kicking around an idea of starting a blog chronicling our Juicing struggles and triumphs for the month of March. What do you guys think? Would you peruse that? Join us with your own stories? Throw tomatoes that would subsequently be caught and then thrown into the juicer? Let us know because we might just accommodate!

My best,

*Deer photo courtesy Garden PA
*Cow photo courtesy Eco Friendly Daily
*While proofreading this to the Hubs he informed me that trees do not produce penicillin NOR lipstick. Why are these people chaining themselves to these trees again?

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WeeMason Man's Mom said...

I was a vegetarian for several years and still eat very little meat. And I proudly wear the label treehugger and everyone around me knows it LOL

Good luck with your goals!

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