Monday, January 17, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Eat...

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I don't know if you all know this about me, but I like to eat. Nay, I LOVE to eat! If I could be one of those food critics like a judge on an all star food competition on Food Network I would be the Paula Abdul of the panel. "Mmm...I could sense where you were going with this and I give you soooo much credit for coming out today." I mean someone cooked for you, how on earth could you give them guff for that?!

I wouldn't even be one of those dainty judges that just takes a small portion and lets it cruise around her palette and then says something quaint. If it was tasty then I would be the judge that eats it while going "Mmm...fis ish goot!" all sloppy like into my mic. Bad manners and all I would probably even lift my bowl and sip the sauce like it was my morning cup of cereal.

It would be an absolute spectacle and video of me would go viral.

There is also one thing that I can't seem to shake. Sugar, sugah. It's been awhile since I've used real granulated cane sugar also known as "the white stuff" in our house nowadays. I have switched over to Truvia for all my sugary needs. Even when it comes to candy I have started looking for better alternatives from the ones I've grown up eating.

So today I present to you.....

(said in true Oprah fashion minus you all getting one - sorry)

These things are delicious! Whenever I get a hankering for my beloved Twizzlers, now I reach for my beloved Panda Licorice Chews. Okay when I tell you that these things are comparable I kid you not. Sometimes with natural food you might have to trick your brain into loving it because you are like "this is good for me although it tastes like dirt" and your brain is like "'re right." But this is an exception to the rule. They are just as sweet as Twizzlers but taste more licoricey (?).

I encourage you to try these out today. You, your family, your kids will all love it. You know what I love/hate? When I switch out something in the house with a natural alternative and my family is like "What's this? It's gonna be gross." Then they try it and the next thing I know my bag of licorice is missing and when I find it more than half of it is gone. Hahaha....I LOVE THAT! enter angry laughter.

So. Where can you get this? I bought mine at Whole Foods on the other coast of my state. Don't worry I'm not crazy, we were there anyway visiting family. But I have seen it at my local Publix in the Natural Foods section as well.

But wait, there's more. I am always getting asked where do I find this that and the other and so I decided that I should just make a place where you guys can find all my.....finds. So long story short, I now have an Amazon Store! Tada! There is a new page tab at the top of the blog called Shop Safe & Healthy. Click on that and it will bring you to a preview page. Click on any image of a product and it will shoot you right over to my new and fabulous store.

Enjoy your shopping! I will try and update it with new finds every once in awhile. Of course, always keeping you informed.

My best,

Music: Although it's raining outside and it's Monday, I'm actually NOT having a bad, bad day. But since it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I do get the pleasure of having both my kids home all day with me and they are watching Despicable Me. Which led me to have the theme song stuck in my head and I can't seem to shake it. It's such a cute movie - although subliminally they are trying to make stealing look cute even if it is the moon yeah? So check it out in the sidebar for the Song of the Week. It has a crazy bass track. So depending on if you like that, you might want to adjust your speakers.


Anonymous said...

Lynn, you are like a mind reader. ;) I have not used white sugar in a long time, it scares me for sometime so I excited to try Truvia. I have heard of it, and have been interested in it. Have you baked with it?

Oh, and those Panda chews are yummy!

BTW - excellent post!

Lynn said...

Honestly, I use it mainly in my teas, coffees, oatmeals and cereals. But I HAVE baked with it somewhat. I haven't made anything by using only Truvia exclusively, I've either made it a 50/50 split or used it along with agave nectar or maple syrup. I promise that I will do it though soon and report back to you my findings. Glad you like the post... :o)

My best, Lynn

YaYa said...

Hey Lynn,

I stumbled across your blog and i must say I fell in love! I've been changing my eating habits for the last year and am working towards an organic life style. Needless to say sugar is definitely the hardest thing to cut back on.

SN: I love to eat too!!! I've lost some weight from changing my eating habits and exercise but i still grub!!! The funny thing about it, is that most people assume that to loose weight they need to consume less when really it's just about consuming the right types of food.


feel free to check out my blog:

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