Friday, December 10, 2010

Your Skin Will Thank You

Soooo......I'm home sick and realized that I could be on here talking to you all. I have strep throat (thank you little daughter who thought that "don't cough in mommys face!" was just a suggestion) and yeah that's the bummer news but the upside is that I get all this quarantine time to catch up on emails, blogging, online shopping and all around Internet perusing.

And here is something awesome that I came across. It looks awesome and I can't wait to try it. We all are here for one reason - okay maybe just more than one, but this is definitely one of them. For healthy, radiant skin achieved by the most natural methods possible. Right?


I stumbled upon this e-book (seriously the next wave of the future these e-books are, and I'm FINALLY getting on board) about natural facials and whatnot. It's called "Naturally Skinsational-Rejuvinating Skin Care Recipes" by Sue Dolan.

Now I don't know about you but since the weather is colder and much dryer during this time of year, this is when I really need to call in the reinforcements to help me look my best no matter what it is doing outside.

I think this book will have alot of recipes that I'm looking for. Plus these are recipes I can make with not alot of expense on my part and in the comfort of my own home. On the site page where you can buy it, there is a short little video of the author on her local news channel mixing up 2 different facial concoctions live on-air and I know that once I'm allowed to walk amongst the living again whats the first thing I will be doing. Yep. Facial time! Oh and don't even get me started on how this quarantine has affected my social life! Did I miss my Girls Night Spa Party that my friend "Shay" threw tonight? Yes I did! So phooey to all this sickness...

Okay so here is the info. It would make for a great gift to give to girlfriends or mamas or daughters that want to care for their skin the natural way. We all need it really. Go buy it and then we can post a video gallery of us all in our face masks (scaring the kids and all in our general vicinity) natural skin care "Naturally Skinsational" by Sue Dolan.

Price: on sale right now for only $19.97 it also comes with a ton of additional things for that price.
  • Your Personal Consulting Course
  • "How to Start Your Own Natural Skin Care" eGuide (limited time offer)
  • and a Recipe Card Starter Collection
These all reach you virtually straight through downloads onto your computer. So get the "book". Save a tree. Use it today. Enjoy.

My best,

Moozak! Going to slide some modern Pop music your way. I always think of my daughter for this song "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. Minus the kissing part. :-/


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I need some skin and hair reinforcements for the Texas winters (cold and dry air)...yuck!
Thanks for sharing!

sunkissed sisters said...

Oooh.. thanks for the suggestion. I remember making homemade skincare masks with my mother growing up, and would definitely like to get back to doing this and finding some new ideas as well!

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