Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Soap Review Everybody!

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I try to get new posts out on Mondays....but sometimes I fail miserably. If not Mondays, then try, try, try me again any other days of the week...

So a dear fellow blogger contacted me and kind of roughed me up a bit. She gave me a few exclamation points about my bad behavior on here and believe you me - I took note!

What could I have possibly done to warrant a somewhat good 'ol fashioned teacher finger wagging? Well she told me that I have been slacking on my reviews y'all! (Yes I am originally from the North, but after 4 years down South now I love me some Country music, a sturdy hauling pickup truck, and a cute pair of cowgirl boots, so if I throw a y'all out there every once in awhile - or more - just roll with it people okay? ;o) Now where was I? Right. My reviews have been a little scant these past few weeks. My last one was nearly 3 weeks ago and it was on a practical ebook on natural homemade skincare called "Naturally Skinsational-Rejuvinating Skin Care Recipes" by Sue Dolan. Check it out if you haven't yet.

So this week I'm bringing the goods. Which brings me to this lovey dovey soap box down below.....

Doesn't it just look like it would be a nice experience. I mean come on it has some stellar performers stepping up to the plate such as: organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, milk and honey extracts, and gently exfoliating oatmeal to round out the roster. It has the most intoxicating aroma I promise you by way of creamy vanilla and jasmine essential oils. It always makes me hungry for something truly decadent or to star in the next International Coffee commercials where the mom is sipping her cup of coffee while the kids play with water balloons in the living room. I admire her sooooo much!

This soap cleans really well. It smells tremendous and comfy all at the same time. Perfect for these cold winter nights. I miss my citrus notes and springtime flower scented soaps, but dreary weather calls for a warm cup of soap soup and this is JUST what the Doctor ordered.

Now you could do like I did and drive to your frou frou high end grocery store aka Publix and pay $4.99 + tax and gas and the anguish of having to keep track of two wandering toddlers that think they can just pick each other up by the waist in order to reach the "good" cookies - Oreos - while mom's engrossed in yet another label and they think she's not looking. (OLDER KID TO YOUNGER KID: "You wait for my signal. When she has her forehead in that scrunch and she's biting her bottom lip that's when we make a run for it.") could just click the nifty gifty of the Amazon link above these ramblings and save some money (I did some major math already for you and yea this is the best deal out there - I believe) and maybe one or two wrinkle lines. No furrowed brows see?

So thank you *cough*cough*Mammatalk*cough for pushing me out of my little selfish hole and teaching me not to be so stingy with my finds anymore.

It was pretty bad, I've been looking around and I actually have quite the pile of things to review for Y'ALL! So stay tuned....

My best,

Although I was rarely allowed to watch this show (Friends) when I was younger because you ever notice how everything on TV is going all hunky dorey until your parents walk in and then SUDDENLY everyone is naked and kissing and your parents are looking at you like you are a freak and you try and explain and change the channel like you weren't just watching that and you're a good girl you are and they just take the remote and say "What is wrong with you? Why would you watch this?" and you have no explanation and then it's awkward silence and dead air as your dad switches it to CNN? much do you think therapy would run me? Anyway enjoy Phoebe's "Shower Song" this week. Pick the one with just a still shot pic of Phoebe as I believe that is the best quality.


Beatrice said...

Naturally Skinsational: Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes This short, sweet and simple skin care book - is simply refreshing! I loved the fact that I didn't have to spend lots of $$$, and found the ingredients right in my very own kitchen... I can't wait to try more of the recipes, especially the ones with ingredients that hit my taste buds!!

Shea Butter said...

All the recipes are quick and easy to make as well as specially formulated with natural ingredients to treat the signs of aging skin.

There are lots of "skinsational tips" about the anti-aging properties of the common ingredients used in the recipes like citrus fruits, nut oils, sugar and all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

It's a great recipe book for all types of skin care treatments that make your skin look and feel wonderful!

It's a whole lot of fun too. :-)

Mammatalk said...

So glad I got you to step up to the ol' plate. Love your reviews!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

Yay! your reviews are back! My grandma is a Yardley groupie. I just might order a few bars for her. thanks!

Anonymous said...

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