Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elizabeth Rose Complexion Soap

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Thankfully over the years I have never really had to deal with a ton of acne. Depending on big events and the level of stress I may be dealing with at that moment really dictates what is going on with my skin.

I have been dealing with big events and have been under stress for the last few weeks it feels like and so my face has suffered a bit in the process.

But not as bad as you would think! And why???

Because I have started using the Elizabeth Rose All Natural Clear Complexion Bar Soap with Sea Buckthorne Berry Oil and it's been a tremendous help to keeping my face clear of breakouts and oily spots. It makes my face feel really clean and smooth afterwards and super soft.


It's $9.95 before taxes and S&H but I think it is a great purchase. My next purchase will be the All Natural Tea Tree Thyme Soap because it looks like it has tons of good stuff that I think I would like and that my face would eat up.

Try it y'all!

My best,

Song of the Week: We Were Promised Jetpacks "Ships With Holes Will Sink". It's all fast and furious and half the time I have no clue what they are saying, but they seem to be having a blast! :o)


Beth said...

I think tea tree oil is an absolute miracle to acne-prone skin. I swear I was born with acne and have struggled ever since. I have been using the tea tree oil line from The Body Shop but have been looking for a more natural alternative. I think I'll give your selections a try. Thanks!

Mammatalk said...

Hmmm...Will have to check this out! Sounds lovely!

Crystal Escobar said...

OOOh, love anything that's all natural, especially when I'm putting it on my skin. Glad you found something that helps.

purity lover said...

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