Monday, April 5, 2010

Gush over LUSH!

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I know, I know, it's been awhile right? Life's been really beating me up lately but I'm back and trying to provide something nice for us all this week.

By way of LUSH Fresh Handmade Products. My friend Sadie recommended this store to me ages ago and I have just recently gotten into a store in our nearby large city of Tampa, FL. I was in one of our uber fancy shmancy malls and turned a corner with my husband and I saw it...

official store logo

My poor husband blinked and I was gone before he could even finish saying "Wanna split a Cinnabon?"

I had a blast going through that little store just picking the brains of the girls in there (who were pretty knowledgeable and you could tell they didn't just show up for a paycheck, they were all avid "LUSH Heads" as well) and I came home with bath bombs, soap bars, and body butters for me and the kiddies. Now although they are handmade and fresh and many of them smell sooooo good you would want to eat them, some of the products contain not so friendly chemicals (we all know by now you can't always avoid ALL the chemicals unfortunately) but if you search you can find many gems in there.

The bombs smell absolutely wonderful and they are fun for the kids. You throw them in the bath and they fizz and disappear and your kids are like "What??? I'm scared but curious...hmm"
and they leave your skin velvety smooth. I also got a body butter bar that is just tons of great oils that leave your skin soft and exfoliated. It has ground rice and beans to give you that scrub.

Now if you hit up the website, I've got no info for you on that because I bought all my stuff in-store, sorry. And the online prices might be a bit much - or they might not (you say recession, I say ignorance is bliss ;oP). But when purchasing in-store they had such a nice benefit of you being able to tell them "Well, of this huge chunk of soap (because they lay it all out like a loaf of bread or bricks), I only want to purchase $5 dollars worth of this, and $3 dollars worth of that to try it out" and the girls bring it to the weighing counter, weigh it out, chop it down to size, and hand wrap it right there. Voila! Wonderful right? I loved that! I couldn't find the soap I bought online, but it is the best thing since sliced bread....or indoor plumbing! Let's just say that if the sun had a scent to wake us up in the morning, it would be in the form of this soap. Get to a store, look for a giant (or not so giant depending on how much they sold that day) yellow circle that smells like citrusy sunshine and summer all in one. Buy it! Thank me by sending me chocolate! :o)

Big Blue Bath BombSea Vegetable Soap
big blue bath bomb / sea vegetable soap

So try LUSH today and tell me how you like it, love it, or hate it. Although I seriously doubt anyone would hate it. And if you do, chances are you probably are the same person that pushes the elderly and makes faces at babies too, right? ;oP

My best,

Song of the Strong: Queen "We Are The Champions". Sometimes you just gotta be reminded of your strength...


Turquoise Diaries said...

Lush openned couple stores in ─░stanbul looks very nice but the prices are too expensive here..

Wifey said...

Lush is awesome! And you are too funny. Your last line had me on the floor.

Winks & Smiles,

strokeofliving said...

Lush rules. I first became acquainted several years ago in London. I spent so much money in that store, only to find out that they were in the States as well. At the time I think they were only in San Francisco. Now they are in Pasadena and of course I can always buy products on line but that would not have the same affect. I love being overwhelmed by their fragrances and confused about what to buy. THAT'S the lush experience! I'm glad that you had the experience too :-)

Eye Cream Reviews said...

Did you know that Lush use only natural ingredients that makes the product really more effective and safe?

Make Ya Beautiful by Sadie Lynn said...

me so happy you finally got to experience Lush world and now have become a lush junkee. Its such a confussion of love of smells and the way it makes ur skin feelin amazing but theres only one hate n its for ur wallet. LOL. Was the name of the soap u try honey i wash the kids? my favorite it the strawbery massage bar. it does take a little to get use to but its so nice on the skin. i pair that up with yummy yummy yummy. i feel like a huge smooth strawberry smoothie. Im glad u enjoyed. luv ya sadie

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