Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Officially Back!

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It has been awhile since I've done anything electronic and online these last couple of weeks and due to other life obligations I finally was fine with that. I would walk past my computer and glance at it and feel a twinge of guilt thinking "When oh when will I ever use you again?" but finally realized that one day I would just slip back into my routine and it would be like I never left.

Now finally my family life has calmed down significantly and we are officially back into the swing of things. Hence my new words on here!

To start back on a nice and pleasant note I am going to have a guest poster this week by way of Michelle over at Mammatalk. She is a riot!

It's nice to be back.... :o)


I am one of those ladies who strolls the beauty product aisle at Whole Foods.

I love to discover new balms and salves. Lotions and creams. Salts and scrubs.

Without parabens.

With essential oils.

Without petroleum.

With vital minerals.

Preferably with dead sea salts.

And, no animal testing, thank you.

I sniff.

I sample.

I linger.

I peek.

“Next time, I’ll bring a camping chair for ya,” Hubs always says, head peeking around the corner. “Well just unfold it and prop ya up in front of the Avalon display.”

“”I’ll be just a minute,” I snarl.

And, off he goes to entertain our children in the produce section.

So, needless to say, I was beside myself when I was the winner of Lynn’s giveaway. I received the Alba hand cream in a tidy little package and immediately lathered it all over my parched mamma hands.

Mamma hands?

Yes, mamma hands. I had a bad case of Mamma hands. You know the type….Hands that have been over washed, over worked and over wrought. The Alba cream was a quick remedy for my mamma malady. It gave my mamma mits a long, cool, well deserved drink.

All with the benefit of no added chemicals.

My only complaint was that it was a bit on the greasy side and lacked the flowery, cool sea breeze smell of some of it’s competitor’s.

However, if you’re looking for a work horse of a hand cream and a natural, sure fire remedy for Mamma Mits, I’d give Alba a try.

And, if you’d like to visit me on Mammatalk where I discuss other mamma maladies including mamma brain and mamma mouth , please feel free…

Be warned, however, that inanimate objects often speak and my toddler serves tea daily at noon, promptly. See ya then!

My best,

Song of the Week: Hey, Soul Sister by Train...too cute


Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

welcome back!

Mammatalk said...

Thanks for the chance to guest post! I did love the Alba cream. It was so fun to get a little package in the mail!

strokeofliving said...

Welcome back, I was gone for awhile myself. Funny that!

Smell Goods Lady said...

You've been missed.

Melissa Dawn Melnitzer said...

Hi Lynn,
Sorry to hear things have been rough. I can relate, and also struggle to keep up with my regular blog sometimes with everything that goes on "off-line" (aka in our lives!).

Just wanted to say hello again, and glad to see you're still going with this great blog!

Melissa :)

Crystal Escobar said...

I'm the same way at whole foods. So much good stuff there!
Hey Lynn, I'm new to your blog, and what a great one you have here! I'm all about this kind of stuff :) It's great to meet you, and I will be following your blog now.

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